Numbers for publishment numbers?

Anyone know of a website that lists market share of periodicals? Kinda like a Nielson type thing but for magazines. Like how many copies of Time were sold versus Newsweek. Or how many copies of SI vs The Sporting News.

There is a non-profit organization called the Audit Bureau of Circulations, a voluntary group that audits circulation figures and publishes that information. But it is mainly for advertisers, and is generally sold, not offered for free on websites.

They do have some basic lists, like the top circulation newspapers in the country, etc. available for free. But you have to pay to get any of the detailed info. Their website is here.

This page lists the top 25 magazines by circulation (table about 1/3 the way down the page) as of the second half of 2003. The top five:

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If you don’t want to subscribe to one of those websites, and can wait for the information: All publications I have worked on need a statement of ownership in their November issue. It usually contains circulation info. You could either wait for this years November issue to come out, or comb though last years at the library.

Keep in mind, that the number sold at newsstand is usually an estimate, you’d also need to include the amount of paid subscribers. (This IIRC was one of the big points with the Rosie publication fiasco.)

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