Nuns on the lamb . . .

Nuns on the lamb . . . something to do with hiding out from creditors after visiting too many international fashion shows.

This gives a new meaning to ‘bankruptcy protection’.

Isn’t it, “On the lam”?

Oh well… I like your version better. :slight_smile:

I thought this was going to be about Hal Briston’s childhood, growing up in the Catholic Church :D.


Hal’s made it with nuns? That is so cool!

BTW, his other matter that shall not be named has made it onto another mesage board – I guess that makes him an internet celebrity.)

You are, of course, correct, but given that we’re dealing with Lamb of God devotees who were in the wool knitting business until they fleeced their creditors . . .

You win!

I apologize for thinking you were talking out your ass. Both Yahoo and Google vanity searches showed me that this has spread, and not just to the dinks over at The Other Place. Oh joy.