nurses and doctors

did you have a drug test to get a job? are you randomly tested? just wondering…

I’m neither a nurse nor a doctor, but I do work at a medical center and have patient contact. It is the policy of my workplace to screen for drugs every employee of the medical center, to the best of my understanding. I did have to provide a urine sample during my pre-employment period between the verbal offer and the written confirmation of employment - they also did a background check, among other things.

Frankly, I don’t recall if they said drug testing would be done again, and the search function on our website sucks, so it’s too hard to dig up that info at the moment. I know it’d be in the packets of information that I received prior to or at orientation. (I do recall that we get yearly TB testing, for what it’s worth.)

Physician employed by the state here. No drug test to get the job. I think it’s in the contract somewhere that they can request one at any time, and refusal to submit a sample could be grounds for dismissal. But I’m not 100% sure of that.

Since I don’t drink or do mood-altering drugs, it’s not an issue.

I worked as a transporter at a hospital one summer and had to submit a urine sample. Now, though I am medical student with much more patient contact and have not had to take any kind of drug test.

As a nurse, I had to give a urine and hair sample before starting work.

I had to pass a urine drug screen both to get my fellowship position, and before taking my current pathology job.

I didn’t have to take any test.

But I’m not a Nurse. Hell. I’m not even a Carmen