Nursing school and school loans

Mostly advice, so IMHO but there’s some GQ in here too. I have in mind to go back to school for an RN degree (that’s better than LPN right?).

Hopefully I can just do a two year or less program since I already got a BA years ago, with a few science classes so I won’t have to start completely from scratch.

  1. Can I get student loans? I know nothing at all about it. Parents paid the first time around. I have some money saved but it’s not enough for more than a semester or two. I’m unemployed and have not so great credit. Is it still possible?

  2. Assuming I can’t get a loan, I’ve heard that hospitals will sometimes help you get a nursing degree if you already work there in some other capacity. Are there any technical hospital positions I could get qualified for more cheaply and quicker, that would help me get my foot in the door? And is that even a thing?

Long Island, New York, if it matters.

There are student loans specifically for students seeking a Nursing degree. These loans are governed by the Department of Health and Human Services, but administered by the schools. More information here. The school I work at offers Nursing loans.

There is also this that won’t pay for school, but will repay your loans:

My sister and cousin both had their loans repaid by working for the VA.

I suspect you won’t have many problems getting student loans for nursing. HOWEVER, a friend who had a B.A. had about a year worth of prereqs in order to get into the two year nursing program - if you haven’t had stats, chemistry, biology - that sort of thing - you’ll spend a year getting those out of the way - and if it was years ago, you may need to retake them.

Talk to a nursing school.

Thanks! Any idea about the in house advancement thing?