NW Indiana Road Sniper (or something)

Fucking *fucking *FUCKING FUCKING HELL!!!

This morning’s Northwest Indiana Times

This evening’s Chicago Sun-Times

That’s four - FOUR!!! - shootings (or somethings) this fucking week! I drive Cline avenue every fucking day on my way to the train station (although that will probably change on Monday - go figger) The mayor of Hammond, Indiana can suck my non-existant cock for his disbelief, fucking SOMETHING is going on in his precious city whether he believes it or not.

I remember when flying airplanes was dangerous and going to work was safe…

48 views and not a single damn comment? Not even a “be safe out there”?

Oh, now I feel really wanted around here!


I don’t know what to say, so… Be safe out there.

Thank you

Just wanted to know someone gave a damn!

I’m sorry, Broomstick, I thought it was over when they caught that kid. I guess I lost track of it. We’ve had some other things to try to figure out around here lately, so we haven’t been following the news too much. Do try to be careful. It’s too bad you can’t fly to work. :slight_smile:

Ah, Broom windows on cars and trucks sometimes break. Sometimes for no aparent reason. In the linked report one of the windows appeared to have no hole. Bullets leave holes. The windshield seem to have an impact mark, but again it appears not to have a hole.
It could be a sniper, but if so he is using the most underpowered gun ever.

Yes, I am aware of that.

One out of four didn’t have a busted window. The other three did.

It could be a BB gun.

It could be a rock sailing off the pavment.

It could be an inept marksman.

Hence, my appending “(or something)” to the statements in the OP.

Regardless of what the politicians are saying, the police are taking it seriously. There does seem to be something going on, in that we’ve had four vehicles damaged in two days in the same general location.

The lack of responses is probly because we all assumed you were ranting about the old news of the kid down in Indy last week. A quick check of GoogleNews shows that you’re evidently not.

So–be safe. Lotta weirdos out there.

Didn’t something similar happen a few years back?

At any rate, be careful. Hope they catch the SOB.

Could be a pellet gun. Those don’t leave exactly the same holes, and they can get decent velocity.

At least 2 in Phoenix.

I’m not sure what I can tell you in terms of encouragement, except that most kevlar based body armour only stays good for a few years, and you should check the expiry date on the label before buying.