NY city people..directions please

I’ll be in the area of Yankee Stadium tomorrow, and I need to get to Sunnyside, Queens. Mapquest is nothing but confusing. I’ll start on the Major Deegan, south…now what?

If you don’t mind paying a toll, take the Deegan south to the Triborough Bridge to Queens (not Manhattan). Once over the bridge heed signs to the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (BQE) south (“to Brooklyn” or “to Verrazano Bridge” will probably be on the sign). Get off (soon) at Exit #36 (Queens Blvd.). Now you’re in or near Sunnyside.

I’ll post again with toll-free directions.

Toll-free directions:

Deegan south to Third Ave. Bridge (Exit #2 or 3); this will put you in Manhattan; heed the signs to the FDR Drive south.

Exit FDR Drive at Queensborough Bridge Exit (63rd St., IIRC); note that there is no direct connection to the bridge from the FDR; follow street signs to get on the bridge which takes you to Queens.

In Queens, heed signs to get on Queens Blvd; drive on Queens Blvd. for about 1 mile and you’ll be in Sunnyside.

Good luck, It, this is a tricky drive using either route if you are not familiar with the roads. Pay attention to those signs as you go.

I forgot to mention that I want the 59th St. bridge. Where I’m going is right on the other side.

It, you know that the 59 Street Bridge = the Queensborough Bridge, right?

I do now, STUYGUY.
Many thanks.