NY gubertorial candidate Carl Paladino--you sir are an idiot

CNN story.

He said some extremely stupid things about gays. Now he’s saying “I’m only against gay marriage.”

I would love the chance to ask him his feelings on gay adoption.

It’s more probably like

“I’m against anything, so long as I get elected.”

Good to know, though, that bestiality is still OK.

I believe Cisco beat you to it.

You know, people used to say they did not like politicians who parsed every word to meet the requirements of focus groups. OK, so now we got someone who is dedicated to the free-association school of public comments.

*But people are still complaining! *

His candor is appreciated, but I think it’s metastasized.

Provided the parties involved are not of the same sex. That would be perverted!

Children should be, at the least, exposed to an assortment of horse porn, before experiencing the shock of a Gay Pride parade.

I vote neighhhhh!

Indictment pending.

As long as the horses are not gay. That would be icky.

Look - he just forwarded those emails to a few close friends, whom he knew would not be offended. It’s not his fault that the emails got sent to other people.*

  • Actual excuse.

Indictment? Horse whip him! Use the whole horse! :smiley:

We’ve already got one thread on this subject active on the front page, so I’m going to shut this one down.