Swamp Thing from Muskogee! Rightard Pride Week!


At last! A total flaming dipshit Republican who is not from Texas! And one who is cognizant of the second greatest threat to the Repubic, the dastardly and pernicious advances of the Homintern, and the Gay Agenda!

To witless:

Being hetero with near religious fervor, this does not directly impact me, other than the shared humanity with my bent brethren and sistren. Whatever pops your corn, gets you through the night, doesn’t scare the horses - freak freely.

They’re gonna elect this guy, you can just bet on it. He will be respectfully treated, referred to as “the Honorable”, TV pundits will stare rapt as he spews venemous garbage, and ask respectful and probing questions.

Let me tell you a joke. Given this guys mind-boggling homophobia, what politicly sensitive position might you, if you were a Bushivik, find for such a person? Where might you place him so that his knuckle-walking, hate-mongering, troglodyte views might have valuable effect, where could he be placed so that his views might uplift and enlarge the public good?

Why, as co-chair of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV and AIDS! Where else can such a fount of wisdom and compassion be most effectively placed to personify the Republican agenda of outreach and fuckover?

I can’t relate, really. Its hard to imagine someone truly hating my guts for nothing more important than the variety of hole in which I would hide the kielbasa. Maybe if that diseased harridan Whats-her-face, with her “all men are rapists!” agenda, were to be nominated for the US Senate. Maybe then, but all the women I know are sane, generally speaking. To a large degree. More or less, their IQ’s don’t drop 50 points in the presence or possession of a “C” cup, like my fellow sufferers from testosterone poisoning.

So I can’t directly imagine it, can’t really relate, its kind of second-hand, a bank shot of vile and mindless hatred. What a loathesome creep, one more reason to be glad I was born to yearn for the yoni. But I’m still people, and this political pustule hates people. Not all people, true, but when you hate people for what they are rather than what they do, you hate people.

And the one bright spot: this time, the slithering creep is not from Texas!

Try and try as we might, my SO and I can’t get each other pregnant just to have our gay abortion. :mad:

“The rationalization for abortion… That’s a gay agenda”??? :confused:


:: rummaging through brain frantically for any possible means of A plus B even remotely arriving at C ::

Well, I’m gobsmacked. That this spittle-flecked troglodyte even exists is loathesome enough; that he’d be appointed as co-chair of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV and AIDS boggles the imagination.

Is it just me, or does this administration seem ever more surreal?

Wow. There’s no way this guy could be elected to the US Senate. I refuse to believe it. The fact that he made it past a primary… how? Who did he run against? Marion Barry and Paris Hilton? If this were a case where a nutjob snuck in (like that eugenics guy in TN) I could see that, but there is no way that the senible people of the Midwest could have him represent him.

On a lighter note: Go balloons!

Maybe he can swap notes with North Carolina state Rep. Henry Aldridge, best known for this gem:

Stating their party affiliation would be superfluous.

Have I mentioned lately the sodomitic lust in which I continue to hold you for little gems like this?

Holy shit, girlfriends; they’re onto us! Plan Backdoor Infiltration has been compromised. Repeat: Plan Backdoor Infiltration is cancelled. Proceed to Plan Oral Service. We will create a sucking power vacuum and bring this country to its knees in front of us!

I’m on it.

Wait a second…when did susanann get elected to office?


Not original. Stolen from whence I know not, but definitely lifted.

Might have been Sam Stone.


When did susanann get elected to office?


Fucking wireless laptops.

I SAID I got disconnected before my original supercool zinger got sent.

Damn computers!

-Joe, jackass

Great. Like Oklahoma doesn’t have enough dumb fucks in the House and Senate.


I hate living here.

Pam has a way of outing some fairly big issues, have to hand it to her.

This guy is a fuckwanger. If a goat with syphilis ran against him, I bet the goat would win based on personality, perhaps even issues. The only thing I can think of is that this guy must have not made an issue of this shit before the primaries, because I never heard of these outrageous views of his until now. Or, maybe nobody paid attention to him until now. Either way, Scary.

As is well known amongst my gay friends here, I have no problem whatsoever with either gay people or gay rights and I’m certainly not taking up for this guy. But, I mean, really, don’t you think you’re guilty of more than just a little erroneous extrapolation here? Someone said once about my father that he could take a word and make a book out of it, and that’s exactly what’s going on here.

The guy isn’t even elected yet, and you people have already got Bush wringing his hands in demonic delight and trying to figure out–before the guy even knows his way around the building–just where to assign him so as to cause the most gay harm. It would probably come as quite a surprise to you, but Coburn and Bush both have many other concerns than trying to conspire over ways to make life difficult for gays.

Don’t you think it would be a good idea to wait untill some of these things you’re getting so riled up over actually, you know, happen, before you get so worked up and start boiling over with such venomous bile and hatred. Dick Gephardt once commented to a television interviewer that politics was a substitute for violence. The way you people are carrying on certainly highlights the need to settle these things through politics. It may be slow and it may be cumbersome, but through politics gay rights will eventually be commonplace.

Much progress has already been made, and in a fairly short period of time. Bring a gay person suddenly from the fifties or sixties (or hell, even the eighties) into today’s world and they wouldn’t believe how far things have come. And there have been many more adamantly anti-gay politicians in office during the time these positive changes were occurring than there are now, and society as a whole was less tolerant during that period than they are now, so things are going to continue to get better and better, until eventally, like I said, gay rights and acceptance will be commonplace.

But I gotta tell ya, based on the kind of crap that’s going on here I can easily see that without political process, violence would indeed be going on, and given the number of gay rights proponents as a percentage of the populaion, I don’t much think they would be the ones who’d win.

Every politician who gets elected isn’t going to be one you want. Some are going to be ones you definitely don’t want. But that’s the way it is and always has been, and our political system, which is eventually and ultimately responsive to the people of this country–people who have shown themselves time and time again over the course of this country’s history to care about everyone’s rights–will eventually get things to where you want them to be.

But like straightening teeth, some things take time. You can’t acheive social progress instantaneously (and without having to drag some people kicking and screaming against it the whole way) anymore than you can straighten teeth with a hammer.

So, chill!

SA, old pal, at least as I see it, it’s not just his views per se that have so many people codswalloped. It’s the fact that he’s co-chair of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV and AIDS. THAT is what the smack-in-the-face shock is – a person with such rampantly anti-gay views being in a position where antipathy to homosexuals is, to say the least, counterproductive.

Would you, if in a position to do so, put a PETA crusader in charge of oversight over medical research? Would you ask Ramsay Clark to run the Pentagon? Would you appoint Ken Lay to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission? Putting a person with such extreme views in a position of influence over his bete noir is as counterproductive as, say, putting Michael Moore in charge of the Bush administration’s Iraq War public relations. :wink:


If you can find anything in this jack-ass’s quotes that don’t qualify as “venomous bile and hatred,” have at it. I would love to hear them.

Some asshole talks about an insidious gay agenda that is infiltrating the government “at the highest level” and promoting promiscuity and a decline in family values, and – for reasons that make only sense to him – abortion, and he’s being considered for a position on an advisory council on HIV and AIDS.

And we’re over-reacting? We’re the ones spewing venomous bile and hatred?



You take the time and you reason with people who show that they are open to reason. When people spew out the kind of bullshit that this guy does, you call him on his shit and you do whatever you can to make sure that the guy is not in a position of power. You sure as fuck don’t put a wolf in charge of guarding your sheep herd. What’s the first step on his agenda – renaming the position to the Presidential Advisory Council on The Gay Plague?

Seriously, Starving Artist – when are gay people allowed to grow a backbone? How much longer do we have to sit back and be polite while we see our rights chipped away by people who see us as nothing more than whiny, uppity, self-indulgent faggots trying to shove our insidious agenda down innocent people’s throats?

When is it going to be okay to make a stand and defend ourselves?

ETF, correct me if I’m wrong (as if you wouldn’t :smiley: ), but I believe Coburn’s ascendancy to the postition of Presidential Advisory Council on HIV and AIDS is a construct of elucidator’s left-wing brain affliction. To wit:

"Let me tell you a joke. Given this guys mind-boggling homophobia, what politicly sensitive position might you, if you were a Bushivik, find for such a person? Where might you place him so that his knuckle-walking, hate-mongering, troglodyte views might have valuable effect, where could he be placed so that his views might uplift and enlarge the public good?

Why, as co-chair of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV and AIDS!"

Note the use of “Let me tell you a joke,” and “Where *might *you place him…etc.” I just looked back through the linked article, and while I admit it was only a cursory examination, I saw nothing referring to Coburn’s being a co-chair on the Council.

<snips own self>

But oops! For some reason…probably having to do with my gut feeling that you usually know what you’re talking about…I felt this nagging need to Google Coburn and the Advisory Council and saw this was indeed the case.

So, in that case (::adopts best Emily Litella voice:: )…uh, never mind.

Heh…heh, sorry. :smiley: But, you know…the rest of the stuff I said…it was pretty good, huh?

Uh…ETF…you still out there…hello?

Um… ETF, he ahsn’t even been elected yet. He won the primary.

Uh-oh. Gay Panthers. The mind boggles.