Is it OK to be homophobic ?

Or a little homophobic

I have a problem with gays (or their “way of life”) and think such sexual behavior are … (what shall I say)… perhaps abnormal.

My policy is however that what two adults do in their privacy are their own business and not mine. But I don’t have to like what they do.
Being a bit homophobic doesn’t mean the same as a person that are attacking gays on the street.

I mean that I can have a concervative opinion about this without following the footsteps of Pat Robertson and Jerry Farywell.
I’m not a christian either.

I’m against that gays should be allowed to marry and adopt children and don’t see upon my self as a liberal on these matters.
Don’t know if my post became any good here, but I’ll ask:
Which opinion have you “Straight Dopers” about this ?

Among the Dopers, I suspect that you have expressed a very much minority opinion.

I have no problem with hoomosexuals, just as long as they don’t try to ram it down my throat…

Oops, I mean’t ‘Homosexuals’, not 'Hoomosexuals.

Hoomophobia, better known as Hummouphobia is, of course, the fear of ground chick-peas.

This is the Straight Dope, right? :wink:

Seriously, though – “Homophobic” like “Tolerance” are words that have been hijacked over the years to mean something entirely different.

Strictly speaking, a homophobe is one who is afraid of homosexuals. It’s come to mean one who hates homosexuals, a ‘bigot’ or ‘intolerant’ (heh)

Sure, it’s OK to hate someone for their beliefs or non beliefs. What’s not OK is to act on those beliefs and say, beat someone up, kill them, etc. etc.

And how is it that YOU get to define “normal”?

Why? Don’t you think the planet is overpopulated already? Does every married couple necessarily have to crank out MORE children on an already crowded planet? I find it ironic that, in general, the same people who claim that a gay lifestyle is immoral are the same ones who don’t want gay people to get married. This is neither here nor there, but just in case you think I’m biased, I’ll tell you that I happen not to be gay myself.

[geeky]I think a quote from Star Trek, TNG would help here: “Who are YOU that you can tell 2 people how to love each other?”[/geeky]

I think you can be as privately homophobic as you like.

However, overt actions that interfere with others’ rights are doubtless out of bounds. By that I mean that you can engage in political acts such as lobbying legislatures to outlaw the things you don’t like or make public statements expressing your disapproval. But you couldn’t, for example, disrupt a gay wedding if such were legal wherever you are.

I don’t hate gays, I just don’t like their lifestyle.

The problem is that people that are very liberal and “tolerant” tend to be very intolerant toward people that don’t have the same opinion as them in this issue.

Those who oppose equal rights for gays and lesbians, which includes the right to marry, are bigots and are undeserving of respect or recognition.

All of them?

Please explain this. What ‘lifestyle’? Far as I can figure, gays and lesbians get up, go to work/school, have friends, do social stuff, vote, sit on juries, shop, go to movies, fall in love.

Can’t see anything on that list that is different from my lifestyle. The fact that the last one mention happens to occur w/a member of their own gender is part of that whole ‘what they do behind closed doors’ thing that you claimed you didn’t care about, near as I can figure.

I am going to take this as an honest and heartfelt question, and attempt to answer it as such.

Being a homophobic is ok only in the same way as being racist or sexist is ok. My opinion.

I doesn’t agree in this assumption.

Gaaah! it’s disgusting! - I won’t listen to any more of this kind of talk!

Then live whatever lifestyle suits you; nobody will force you to be gay.

What assumption?

OK, Fair enough. Now please be so kind as to support this statement. How is finding a person disagreeable due only to their sexual orientation any different than disliking someone due to their skin color, gender or nationality?

Please, tell me more about this lifestyle I lead. It sounds exciting!


You wouldn’t like it.

<Slight Hijack>You know, I want to take this discussion just one step further. I have seen and heard lot of “liberal” folk that are claiming that they are fine with homosexuality as long as they are not confronted with it. Basically they say that what happens in the bedroom is none of their business.

Another trend that I see a lot is that you will have a person defending gay rights preface the statement by establishing their own heterosexuality. As if this somehow add weight or credibility to their statements.

I have to say that this is a big fat cop out. I want to see homosexuality in the main stream! I want to see gay couples kissing and holding hands in public! I am not saying that I want to see two men going at it in public, but hell, I don’t want to see a man and woman doing that either!

For the record, I am rabidly pro Gay Rights and I refuse to establish my sexual orientation to validate these statements. </Slight Hijack>