NY - Looking for Form AIA Documents between Owner and Architect

Anyone know where I can buy these in Manhattan? (Don’t have time to order from the internet)


Did you check the aia homepage? They have distributors and offices in New York, but I’m not familiar with Manhattan since I’m from Chicago. Sorry.

Here’s where the link is that says where the distributors are… http://www.aia.org/documents/default.asp - it also says there’s a 90 day free trial for their download service.

I have a hard copy of the Owner/Architect form, standard form and abbreviated standard form, that I ordered from the internet. I could send you mine (for all of you IANAL, buts out there, there’s no copyright law against giving or selling your copy of a book, or an agreement, to someone). Email me at sergio_silveira@yahoo.com (not my real name) if you wish…

Whoops, make that sergio_silvera@yahoo.com