NY Times raves over new Adam Sandler vehicle (". . . Zohan")

No, seriously:

I am fairly shocked. I mean, I still won’t be seeing it in the theater, but come on, you assumed the thread title was pure sarcasm when you clicked on it, right?

I read the same review, and it sounds to me like the reviewer was simply surprised by the subject matter. The review doesn’t really “rave” about anything else. In other words, he bought what was being sold to him. In other words, sounds like a brilliant case of benefiting from lowered expectations.

My expectations don’t go that low. Pass.

I’ve been confronted every day with a poster showing Adam Sandler in his Zohan character bent at a 90 degree angle doing the splits in what I can only describe as daisy dukes. That is an image that will haunt my nightmares for many years. There is no way any dollar of mine will support that travesty.

See, that image was exactly why I’m tempted to go see the movie. You have to admire a man putting it all on the line for his craft.

And apparently having a hell of a fun time doing it.

Why the hell has this movie gotten zillions of dollars in advertising? It seems as if the ads have been going on on TV, the movies, and rental videos forever. There have been posters and billboards u[p for months. I can’t think of any other movie this summer that’s been advertised as heavily. Indiana Jones doesn’t seem to have the ad budget of this film? Why?

The theatrical trailer is really funny, I’m talking Wedding Singer funny.

I plan on seeing it in the theatre which will be my first Adam Sandler in theatre expierence since Big Daddy.

As for the budget, I dont’ think dollar for dollar it has the biggest, they seem to be heavier into Outdoor ads than others. That may be the studio’s M.O. or it may be what Mr. Sandler likes to see or it may be that the images in the Outdoor campaign is just really effective in sticking in your mind.

It’s not the Outdoor Ads – it seems to me that I’ve been seeing trailers and clips for this since before Bush’s second inauguration.

It’s either Zohan or The Happening. I have no idea why they’re getting so much play.

Prediction: Zohan does gangbusters. The Happening not so much.

God yes. I haven’t laughed that hard at an Adam Sandler movie since…ever. I like Eight Crazy Nights and Happy Gilmore and they’re not as funny as the Zohan trailer.

I’m torn. On the one hand, the movie looks irredeemably stupid, Sandler’s accent resembles nothing I’ve ever heard, and the film suffers from a severe case of Rob Schnieder.

But on the other hand… the last major Israeli-spy film we got was Munich, and we’re STILL pissed off about that. If this is the best compensation we’re going to get, then I guess we’ll have to live with it.

And God damn it, it’s about time we got a movie showing Israelis as we actually are - heroically brave, supernaturally tough, irresistable to women and possessing enormous packages!

Sandler has made us all laugh before, and he will make us laugh again.

I think that this looks somewhat funny on it’s own merits.

It looks WAY funnier than that Mike Myers movie.

I read an interview with an Egyptian actor who is in the movie. Apparently, the Jew-Arab stuff is heavier in the movie than the previews make it look, and some of those gags sound funny. The actor didn’t really come across like he was thankful for being in the movie, or that he liked Sandler very much. It made me a little intrigued.

The script was written by Judd Apatow, Robert Smigel and Sandler. That’s a pretty good pedigree.

(just as a side note, since A.O. brought it up, I could watch that scene where Albert Brooks tells jokes (almost exclusively English-based puns) to the Pakistanis a million times and never get tired of it.)

It can’t be good: I won’t allow it. Adam Sandler is the most talentless person on the face of the Earth…

That was my mom’s comment, too. It made me laugh- of all the things to worry about in an Adam Sandler movie, the accuracy of his stupid voice du jour does not make my list.

The trailer looked a little funnier than I expected, but there’s no way I’m seeing this movie. I loathe Adam Sandler, and outside of The Wedding Singer and the Operaman skits I don’t think he’s ever made me laugh once. And the Times review surprised me when I read it yesterday, but it’s not a rave. The tone is pleasant surprise that the movie is a little more thoughtful and a little less stupid than the writer expected.

Salon.com liked it, too. A braver portrayal of the Israeli-Arab conflict than Munich (though that’s probably damning with faint praise).



Sandler has never made me laugh before.

And I curse Sandler and everyone associated with this film for making me think that Adam Sandler is hot.

Speak for yourself.

…for me to poop on!
Seriously, though, while this particular movie doesn’t look like my cup of tea, I don’t get all the Sandler hate. He doesn’t play the same character or do the same schtick in every movie, so why dismiss them all categorically? I haven’t seen, or wanted to see, all his movies, but there are some that I’ve been pleasantly surprised by, and that are fun if you’re in the right mood for them.

Yeah, yeah.

No one’s fucking funny around here. Ferrell’s not funny. Sandler’s not funny. Martin Lawrence isn’t funny. Cedric isn’t funny. Kevin James isn’t funny. Dane Cook isn’t funny.

Oh, yeah, Hugh Laurie was funny on Blackadder. How could I have forgotten?

Sandler’s Opera Man? That trick-or-treat thing he used to do? When he first bust-out with that thanksgiving song? No one’s ever laughed at him.

Do people think the channukah song gets played 8 million times per year because it’s not funny?

He gets props for Wedding Singer commonly, but before his thing started to get a little tired (with Waterboy, Big Daddy, and a couple more), nearly everyone thought Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison were pretty funny.

Give them a couple more movies, and Seth Rogan and Steve Carrell not only won’t be funny anymore. Their current level of funniness will have never existed in some people’s minds.

I’ve seen most of his movies multiple times and I gotta say I’ll watch this one too. The trailer for it had me rolling. I’m not really sure what that says about me. But I think he’s a funny guy who has worked pretty hard to get where he is today and I salute him for it. I just hope he doesn’t let me down on this one.