NY to LA/LA to NY Transplants

It’s a common enough plotline in sitcoms that a character is transplanted from NYC to LA or vice versa and finds themselves out of their depth, not understanding local stuff, to “hilarious” effect. Any dopers ever made the transition and were lifestyles in either of these great cities that different?
Any funny stories about going bicoastal?

I was just in L.A. on vacation. On Friday, I went to Disneyland. I left there about 5:00, filled up the car with gas (and reset the trip odometer), met a friend for dinner in Riverside, and drove back to my hotel by the airport (LAX). The odometer showed 130 miles.

What probably started as seperate little towns have all grown together; and I couldn’t see where one ended and the next one began. It just feels like 100 miles of freeways, gas stations, and strip malls. What looks like a short drive on the map winds up taking 45 minutes. If I lived there, I don’t know if I could ever get used to the sheer scale of the place.

(In terms of travel times, maybe it’s not all that different than New York. The subway out to Coney Island is probably 90 minutes, about the same as driving to the a far flung reaches of the L.A. metro area. Except instead of bumper-to-bumper, it’s cheek-by-jowl.)

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A few years ago I moved from New York to L.A… I’ve since returned, and I’m happy I did so. I lived in West Hollywood and everyone I encountered seemed to be in the entertainment industry. People couldn’t understand what I was doing living there if I wasn’t pursuing something in acting/singing/modeling/writing/whatever. It made me question exactly what the hell I was doing there.

This is more about West Hollywood, but I found the people to be very plastic. It was difficult meeting people who had anything going on upstairs or cared to get to know you if you couldn’t do something for them.

Coming from New York City, I was bored most of the time. Everything seemed to revolve around partying. I’m sure there is some culture there, but I didn’t find it. This is probably because L.A. is pretty much inaccessible without a car, which I didn’t have.

I enjoyed my experience during the year I spent there, but I doubt I’d ever move back.

I too lived in both NYC and West Hollywood, CA…granted, with a huge chunk of time in Berlin in between.

Comparing LA to NYC is really, really comparing Big Apples and oranges, in every respect.

I loved NYC and the energy, but if you want to simplify, New Yorkers most certainly have a tendency (arrogance?) to think that if it isn’t in NYC, it isn’t worth anybody’s time to worry about.

I also loved West Hollywood and the lifestyle, but again, if want to simplify, people in West Hollywood are most certainly more interested in how you look (hey, they wear fewer clothes year round) and where you work and who you know.

I suppose the biggest similarity is that many younger professionals in both cities will stab you in the back to get what they want - but that is the nature of the beast if you live in those cities. Plus, both cities are very expensive places to live and you have to fight like a madman just to stay alive and try to keep your career alive.

Neither city would be a wise move unless you are highly motivated, young, somewhat naive and hungry for success, and can put up with a lot of disappointment. There are huge rewards to be reaped in both locations, but for every success, there are hundreds of failures moving away.

Final comment: Truly loved living in both cities and, if I had the money (and you most certainly need a lot of money), would gladly move back to either of them.

But I am quite happy in Las Vegas and have no regrets moving here either.

A famous New Yorker* once said: “California?? What’d’you wanna move out there for? There ain’t nothing out there but fruits and nuts! And every fruit’s a little nutty… And every nut’s a little fruity!”

(*Archie Bunker)

The old joke goes:

When it’s 15 degrees in New York it’s 78 in Los Angeles.
When it’s 105 degrees in New York it’s 78 in Los Angeles.
There are about 3 million interesting people in New York and 78 in Los Angeles.

(and yes I live in Los Angeles, and NO I am not one of the 78 interesting people)