NYC area Dopers - tell me where to go

I need to take my car on a long drive this weekend, to run some Techron through my engine and hopefully clean out my carburetor. :rolleyes: Since Sunday looks like it’s going to be a nice day, I figure a day trip is in order, but where to?

Possibilities that come to mind so far are one of the forks of Long Island (I’ve never actually been out that far) or down to Cape May (been many years since I was last there). I’m willing to consider any trip that takes me as much as 3 hours/150 miles in one direction, and if there’s something fun or interesting to do for a little while at the end of the outbound leg that would be cool. Any suggestions for me?


Sorry, couldn’t resist

I don’t know, is Cape May in January nice?

Maybe drive down to Philly to get some cheese steaks or up to Boston to get, ummm, baked beans?

So, John, you’re saying I should go to Seaford? That’s not nearly far enough. :smiley:

Zebra, I have no idea how Cape May is in January, but if I end up there I’ll let you know.

The goal of lunch somewhere might not be bad, but forgive me if I pass on the beans…

OH, and another vote for hell.

How about over to Narragansett? I bet Rhode Island is pretty in the cold and it’s a nice drive up 95 along the CT coast (sort of) and then on Route 1. Looks like it’s about 3 hours from the South Bronx.

Driving out to Montauk Point might be nice. Lighthouse, dunes, ocean, etc. I’m sure there’s a seafood place open. You can detour through one of the Hamptons if you’re in the mood.

Nooo! Not Weehawken!!

Seriously though, you want a suggestion as to where to go… Aren’t there vineyards/vintners/wineries out on one of the Forks of LI? I’ve had various bottles of Pindar wine, wasn’t too bad, especially the whites (the reds I’ve had were all too sweet for my taste). That might make for a fun trip.

Now, would you also like suggestions about what to eat, or where to put it?

Heh. Again, not nearly far enough away, although I suppose I could always keep looping around between the GW and the Lincoln Tunnel.

Okay, so heading roughly eastward seems to be the direction I’ll be going, whether Narragansett or eastern LI.

The vineyard idea doesn’t sound bad at all. Are those places usually open on Sundays?

Oh, and if you’ve got suggestions about what to eat, robardin, I’m all ears. But rest assured that at this point in my life, I have a pretty good idea where to put it (been told often enough :smiley: ).

I think there is a White Castles down in Cherry Hill.

Here’s the homepage for Pindar Vineyards, unfortunately it appears they only do the tours in the springtime. They do have wine tastings, though.

And if you’re heading out that way, I agree, White Castle sounds like a good idea :slight_smile:

You could go shopping at the Tanger outlets in Riverhead.

Shopping? On Long Island? Unheard of!

I second that, I spent the longest 3 weeks of my life in Weehauken once. Damn corporate training.

I’m a big fan of Philly. Check out South Street, get a Cheesesteak, get a tattoo. That’s what always seems to happen to me in Philly. Or you could just go to the Mutter Museum. I loves the Mutter Museum. It’s the best.

Take the George Washington and follow the Palisade Parkway, cross the Bear Mountain Bridge, and visit the Bear Mountain museum. Take 9D into Cold Spring, have lunch at the Old Train Station and see the Davenport Monument and Chapel of Our Lady Restoration Drive around the lovely area of Cold Spring.

Take 9D to Rt. 84, take Rt. 84 west to Rt. 87 (NY Thruway) go south, from the Thruway take Rt. 17 North to Washingtonville and see the oldest winery in Orange County Brotherhood Winery. On 17 stop at Monroe to see Museum Village. Take 17 to Woodbury Commons for discount mall shopping. Take 17 back to the Thruway and continue south. Either cross the Tappan Zee Bridge or when the Thruway crosses the Palisades Parkway take that back across the GW.