NYC Doper Bronx Zoo trip: Let's try this again!

So my last attempt at getting some Dopers together to visit the Bronx Zoowas a total failure. Let’s try again!

I’m off work during Passover, and I think the weekend after Passover starts – maybe Saturday (April 23) or Sunday (April 24) – would be a great time. The weather has been warming up a bit, but if we keep pushing the date back again soon it’ll be too hot. From the 18th to the 21st I’m in Puerto Rico, but after that I’m free.

Who’s with me?!

Um, I’m not an NYC doper, but do you realize that you’re talking about Easter weekend? The zoo could be…well…a zoo that weekend.

its is problem

Well argh. It’s Spring Break for the kids so we are traveling to sunnier climes…

…so I miss the cool stories about royal intrigue, raping, pillaging and the like.

Yeah, I’m totally down to do it but I’ll be in D.C. for Easter. Pick another weekend!