NYC Dopers! KDD (Kosher Doper Dinner): Monday 11/25, 7 pm

Or Kreplach Deficit Disorder, if you will.

Since Thanksgiving is coming up and we all know how unhealthful it can be to eat on empty stomach, we figured we could spend the Monday beforehand filling up at the buffet at Dougie’s BBQ & Grill, a glatt kosher meat restaurant located at 222 West 72nd Street. That’s on the south side of 72nd, just west of Broadway - very convenient to the 1/2/3/9 72nd street stop. (That’s just one express stop north of Times Square/Port Authority and two stops north of Penn Station.) Of course, everyone’s welcome - please post to this thread so I get a good read on a reservation.

Ah, Dougies, the home of all that is good and greasy. Promise me that nobody’s going to be polite company, because I can’t eat ribs in polite company.
I can probably come; it’s a bit tight at work, but I hate to pass up kosher Dopefests.

Can the goyem come? I promise not to ask for a bacon double cheeseburger…

Ok, GilaB, I promise to be impolite if you come. :wink:

Count me in!

I’m actually going to be in NYC on Monday… count me as a tenative… I’m still figuring out my plans.

Well, (as OxyMoron and Billdo already know,) I’m in. My wife will be coming along too.

Barbecue ribs that are blackened and spicy,
Washing them down with soda that is icy,
Curly french fries and hot buffalo wings,
These are a few of my favorite things!

Hey, maybe you can get some schnitzel with noodles…

And Wonko - yes, the goyim are welcome else I wouldn’t be going!

-Christian aka Oxy

And GilaB, we’d love to see you - if it’s a little late don’t worry.

Is Biggirl gonna be there? Or would the static from her H.S. friend be too much to bear?

I plan on being there as well. My wife might come too, if we can get a babysitter.

Zev Steinhardt

Wowee! I may just have to haul myself and the Sprout in for this shindig…

(Can I feed the baby his milk in a meat establishment? Or do I just have to promise not to cook him in it?)

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: Don’t you people work?!
If I can get hubby to drive me home, I’m so there.

Think about it, Biggirl; Have you ever seen them work???
I rest my case.

Come on Biggirl, of course we work. Spending all day reading the SDMB is quite a bit of effort.

My wife and I will be there too (G-d willing).

Why, oh why can’t this stuff happen when I’m actually in NY? I was just there about 3 weeks ago.

Oh well - my kids’ school is bringing in Dougies as a fundraiser during Chanukah. I’ll be with you in spirit, at least.

I’m in. Just got approval for the next day off. WHooooo!

Ok, let’s review. We definitely have:

cmkeller & ladycmkeller
RedNaxela & LadyRedNaxela

We problably (and really ought to - hint, hint, you want for us to be lonely without you, do you?) have:

BigGirl & Houseman
GreenBean (& Overengineer?) & Sprout

With us in spirit, from Baltimore: Knighted Vorpal Sword

Wow - almost a minyan! ;j

Count me a definite. I’ll see you all Monday.