NYC Dopers: Need help finding a small concert venue

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My wife is planning a cross-country music project for later this year. She’s got several concerts this year but New York is giving us trouble. Basically we’re looking for a small (only a hundred seats or so) hall or church or whatnot where a solo singer could perform with a pianist. Her project is tied to the Lincoln Highway, so we’re looking for something in the rough vicinity of Times Square (where the highway originates). Concert would be sometime in mid-April. I appreciate any and all suggestions. (Her project website is here.)


Try the “Living Room” or the place Les Paul played every Monday night, that I cannot remember the name off hand. I have done both, they fit the bill.


Thanks. Any nontraditional music space like a church or cafe would be appreciated too.

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Iridium - which is in Times Square. You’ve played there? Doing what? You aren’t the guitarist for The Roots (“Captain” Kirk Douglas) are you? :wink:

Thank you I could not remember the name of the place to save my life. I was on tour with British Guitar wiz Matt Schofield as tour manager, which I spend a good bit of the year doing, the rest of the time I am a production guy(mostly sound but lights, video etc) aka Black Shirt


Ah, the man with with the Blue Strat. Cool! I’m sure you’ve got stories.

It’s a bit away from Times Square, but Anthology Film Archives has spaces they rent out, including screening rooms. The screening room prices are pretty cheap too. I know they’ve had music at their venue (Jandek did 2 shows there back in 2005), but not sure which room.

Bjork did a concert at Riverside Church. It is uptown around 120th Street. Not sure how easy it would be to get in there.

Here is one of her songs, via Youtube.