Concerts in the LA area...

Anyone seeing the same concerts in the Los Angeles area I am? We should say hi!

Here’s my schedule:
12/6, Sat, AC/DC, Forum,
12/20, Sat, English Beat, Key Club
1/2/09, Fri, George Clinton and Parliament, Club Nokia
1/6/09 Fri, Palladium, Pennwise
1/24/09, Sat, Freestyle Explosion, Nokia Theatre

I need to sell these because I can’t see this concert and the English beat at the same time :frowning: Anyone interested in picking them up?
12/20, Sat, X with New York Dolls, Club Nokia ($100 for both, that’s $50 ea.)

I won’t be at any of those, but CHEAP [sub]fucking[/sub] TRICK[sub]!!![/sub] is at House of Blues on Sunset on December 14 and 15- they are not to be missed.

I must be getting old or something. I’ve only even heard of 2 of those 5 acts in the OP.

I saw Cheap Trick in 2003 with Eddie Money and Foreigner and Journey all in one night, pretty fun evening :slight_smile:

By the way, based on your location, Happy, you must be a Beastie Boys fan :slight_smile:

You’re going to Inglewood? Brave man, with that city’s crime rate, I wouldn’t dare go anywhere near The Forum these days.

The Forum isn’t so bad, it’s on a major street and the parking lot is well lit and crowded.

I used to work in Inglewood … at Herbalife back in the 1990s as an IT guy.

I still have the lighter I used to hook Robin up with a Marlboro in the middle of a Lucky Strike promo show at Irving Plaza. Earned me a handshake and a genial head-smack. Hell of a night that was.

And yes, big Beasties fan. License to Ill was 7th grade or so.

I will be at one of the Cheap Trick shows- haven’t figured out which one yet.

Also still trying to decide if the nostalgia is worth the cover charge on the Bell Biv DeVoe show.

That puts me a few years older than you, I was a Sophomore then. Lovvved that album though.

Mon, Tues, Weds - sigh, how come they can’t do a Fri or Sat show?

Either way, buy the tickets !today! because you can get the TicketFeast discount of $10 per ticket, but that sale goes away tomorrow ($52.50 instead of $62.50).

Can’t wait to miss that one.

Meanwhile, I took this video at my high school reunion several weeks ago, and people there seem to like BBB: