NYC Dopers-The Russian-American Community?

I am planning an upcoming visit to NYC. While reviewing the tour books, I was interested to see that there is a famous Orthodox Cathedral in NYC-St. Nicholas-looks like it is worth a visit.
My question: how big is the “White Russian” community in NYC? It must be a pretty elderly group-these people arrived in the 1920’s-after the communist revoltion.
I know that NYC has a large Russian Community-but most of these people are Jewish Russians, who arrived in the 1970’s.
Another question: whats a good Georgian restaurant in NYC? I like shashlik!:cool:

The main Russian neighborhood - known sometimes as “little Odessa” - is in Brighton Beach, pretty much at the end of Brooklyn. Pretty fun to walk around, there are some famous shops for all sorts of smoked fish and delicacies, and I believe there’s at least one Georgian bakery. I don’t know much about the pre-Soviet immigrants. Unless they were very small children at the time of immigration, they would generally be dead now.

Pirosmani is one of the more well known Georgian Restaurants. It’s kind of in the middle of nowhere, but you can walk there from the “Avenue U” stop on the B or Q trains.