NYC Dopers - What Radio Stations Can you recommend?

I absolutely loved NYC last time I visited, so it would be nice to listen to some of the best radio stations there once in a while. Can you recommend any that have live web broadcasts? I’m ideally looking for something like the Howard Stern show, with a variety of music. Thanks!

XM Radio. The best radio in the whole country.

Ya, but Howard is moving to Sirius.

My all time favorite radio station in the NY/NJ area was actually from the Jersey Shore.

FM 106.3 was just about all I listened to in my early twenties. Sadly, they are no more.

Another good NJ station that does stream over the web is Seton Hall’s WSOU , but they’re offline for a few weeks right now. Still, you can check out their schedule online to see if it’s music you want to listen to.

One that streams with music similar (sometimes) to what K-Rock in NY plays is out of central PA (believe it or not), and the folks there actually became pretty good friends of mine when I lived out there. 105.9 the Buzz got me through living in the boonies. :wink:

Right now my favorite streaming station is out of the LA area, Indie 103.1 , it actually reminds me a lot of FM 106.3

Sorry, not quite what you’re looking for, but I don’t think any of the bigger stations in NYC actually stream. Could be wrong though.


Okay, it’s Newark, but it’s the best.

It’s actually sad that NYC has pretty bad radio. But, I’ll throw in my 2 cents for Q104.3 if you likes the classic rock.

100.3 Z-100 is pretty popular (I think it has the largest marketshare in the

Of course, 103.5 KTU is great if you want to listen to C&C Music Factory down at the Jersey Shore.

WNYC-820AM: National Public Radio
WCBS-880AM: Local News

I’ll listen to Q-104.3FM for Classic Rock and K-Rock, 92.3FM (current home of Stern, not that I’ve listened to him since his AM days) for current Rock, but I’m not terribly fond of either. New York hasn’t had a good radio station since they mucked up WNEW 102.7FM, the Home of Rock & Roll. He held on for some years after the station was eviscerated, but destroying the HoRaR was the first nail in Scott Muni’s coffin.

Almost all of the New York City radio is commercial crap. One exception that I love is Fordham University’s station, WFUV 90.7. It streams on the web at

Most of the weekday programming is “CityFolk”, a wide-ranging category that ranges from classic rock to country roots to eclectic to god-knows-what, vaguely centered around modern folk. There is NPR news and several public radio music shows. On the weekends there is a great deal of Irish music programming, free-form shows by old-line rock DJs Pete Fornatele and Vin Scelsa, a big band show, and several other things.

I actually can’t get any radio reception, probably because my apartment faces Queens…

Paradoxically, large cities tend to have a very poor selection of radio stations. The broadcast licenses are so expensive that no one would want to buy one without a surefire plan for making money. That translates into commercial radio.

I hearby second Billdo’s recommendation. WFUV is excellent. Hard to get 15 miles outside of NYC - limited broadcasting range. But so darn good.

[But now that I have XM Radio, I no longer sulk about being out of WFUV broadcasting range. I’m all set]