You know your city's radio stations suck when...

…you find a better station on the freaking TV!

…not one of morning hosts seems to have matured beyond the age of 17.

…the two or three stations in a given genre that compete with each other play the same goddamn songs!

I hate the radio stations in my city. It’s not like I live in a population 10,000 town in North Dakota either, my home is in the capitol city of Connecticut.

Hartford radio - you’re a joke!

this is too lame for the pit…plus I thought maybe others would have their own “when” statements to fill in.

When Clear Channel owns them all.

Amen ultrafilter! Thats exactly waht I was going to say. Denver radio is crap too, save 1 or 2 stations.

When the station that calls itself “The Rock Station” broadcasts syndicated talk shows for at least 45 hours a week – and that is DOWN from the point when they played talk for at least 60 hours a week.

…when the funky, ecclectic independant station (where you could hear just about anything at any given time, including new releases from unknowns, world music, folk, blues and local artists) gets bought out by one of the biggies and the playlist shrinks to about 1/4 of its original size, and they have the nerve to use the slogan “we play the full range of rock”. No you don’t. You used to come close. Now you suck aardvark genitalia. No pie for you.

And every damn day, they play either “Levon” or “Tiny Dancer” usually right around 3 pm. Kentucky-fried Christ this drives me nuts!

Never kiss an animal that can lick its own butt.

I hate local radio in any major city i’m in. Between the repetative corporate playlists and the cookie-cutter radio “personalities” i’ve resigned from it all. Now it’s straight cd’s and XM radios CNN, FoxNews, or various channels.

  • When there’s one called MIX, MIXX, MIX FM, MIX103.7, or a variant, whith slogan’s saying “[insert city]'s BEST MIX of the 80s, 90s and today!”.

  • When there’s a rock station called FOX, FOXX, FOXXX FOX-FM… or a variant.

  • Another rock station called “Triple (something)” based on its triple use of the same call letter (We have MMM and JJJ in Sydney), which was cool in 1979.

  • And all the rest are talkback shows with ancient hosts talking to ancient old ladies and cutting to ad breaks for incontinence pads.

I think that’s every city in the world covered, innit?

Damn you Ultrafilter! Damn you!

You beat me to it!

And now, an answer to the “Tiny Dancer every day about 3PM” rant:

When I programmed KDLX, I had a certain category of songs we used for special occasions.

They were called “Shit Songs.” No, not because they were crappy songs.

Each song was over 6:30 in length, hence, Tiny Dancer, Hotel California, Stairway to Heaven, etc. (Sorry, but it’s the end of the work day and my brain’s fried. Otherwise I probably could think of some more.) So, the songs being so long, you could visit “Studio P(ee)” and meditate for a few minutes.

Methinks you’ve found someone who likes to take a 6 minute potty siesta around the same time each day.

Between the repetative corporate playlists and the cookie-cutter radio “personalities” i’ve resigned from it all.
Now it’s just cd’s and XM radio’s CNN, FoxNews, or various genre channels.

Stations where you hear the same three songs going TO work and coming FROM work.

Or the entire state of Alabama. I once drove across it, scanning the dial frantically, and I don’t think there as a moment when that crapass Courtesy of the Red White And Bluecountry song wasn’t playing somewhere.

At the risk of sounding way too old …

I remember when FM radio was first getting popular, back in the late 60’s. The DJs all sounded like they were strung out on some type of downer. They “spun sides” back then, played a whole side of an album at time. There were VERY few commercials, and the few commercials they did have were about something cool. So the side would play on and on, then it would end, there was always at least 10 seconds of silence, usually more, then the downed-out DJ would finally come out of his stupor and say something softly and slowly like “Wow man, that was heavy”.

Ahhh … the good old days :slight_smile:

The local rock station, KATT, still does this, pauses, lax tone-of-voice and all! They play seven albums on Sunday evening in their entirety, with the deejay announcing the full album title, tracklist, and running times of both the album as a whole and each track. Catch the stream sometime. :slight_smile:

If I could find a way to get my favorite Shoutcast stations in my car, I’d be happy. Though considering they tend to be techno chillout, I’d probably wind up asleep. But happy.

COOL!!! In OK city of all places :slight_smile:

An hour from the local LA hiphop station POWER 106 looks like this:

15 minute commercials
5 minute talking about thier new contest
5 minutes with DJ
10 minutes of song
15 minute commercial
5 minute about stupid contest
5 minute with DJ

but the old skool lunch break makes up for it at 12-1. That’s quality there.

I can’t stand our local radio station with the slogan “The best variety on the radio.” They should change it to “The best variety of the same top 40 light rock crap day after day on the radio.”

…When your music collection is larger than theirs?

Try visiting orlando… O-Rock 105.9 and Real Rock 101.1… same freaking Saliva songs at the same time, all the time…

It’s so bad in Greenville that if you listen to the country station they have promos that go “If you love Rock and Roll, be sure to try 96.7 The Buzzard!”

Can you at least pretend you’re not all the same company?

Chicago doesn’t do too bad. But it could be improved upon. We have a great jazz station out of a college, and we have WXRT for eclectic rock. And we have the Drive for oldies. Everything else pretty much blows moose udders in hell.