NYC Dopers: where can I leave my luggage?

Hi all! I’ll be in your fair city from Wed. 3/26 through the afternoon of Fri. 3/28, and am trying to sort out some logistical issues. I know my way around fairly well, being an NYU alum and all with a father who lives in Queens, but the last time I was in NY I noticed it was just about impossible to find a public bathroom unless you order food at a restaurant, let alone somewhere to leave a suitcase for a few hours.

The issue: I’ll be staying either with a friend on the Upper West Side or with my dad in Queens, but will have to schlep to NJ on Friday evening to catch a ride with my cousin to Philly. I’ll be flying home from Philly the next day, so I’ll have to have my suitcase with me when I leave for NJ. Since I’ll be bumming around on my own Friday during the day, it would be nice if I could put my suitcase in a locker or something, either in the Village or maybe midtown or at/near the Met (depending on where I decide to hang out that day) to avoid having to schlep all the way uptown or to Queens at the end of the day to pick it up, and then back downtown to the PATH train and on to NJ.

But is there anywhere public where one can leave a suitcase anymore, what with post-9/11 security concerns? I suppose I can check with the NYU alumni office to see if they have anything, but other options would be appreciated.

Even pre-9/11 it was impossible to find a place to leave your luggage. All the “post-9/11 security concerns” are just excuses not to provide services and to make things less convenient.

Unless something has changed, the only thing you can do (to my knowledge) is to either know somebody and leave your stuff with them, or to rent a hotel room and leave it there.

Is it possible to check your luggage with the bag check in a hotel somewhere?

**Monstro, ** I dunno; I’m not staying in a hotel, so I doubt it.

Years ago, you used to be able to check bags at the Port Authority, and IIRC there were lockers at Penn Station. Does anyone know if, say, the coat check at the Met or something will accept a small suitcase? I’ll check with NYU and see if they have anywhere an alum might be able to leave something for a few hours. Maybe they have lockers or something that’s normally used for commuter students that I might be able to use.

I don’t know how many years you mean, but since my first visit to NYC back in 1997, there has been no place to leave luggage at the Port Authority.

Well, the last time I checked luggage at the Port Authority was at least several years before that, and even then you had to show a bus ticket and ID. I doubt it exists anymore.

I left 3 suitcases at the baggage check in Penn Station for 5 hours back in September. Didn’t have show a ticket, either.

I found some hotels that will hold luggage (with Google) for $2 per bag.

How are your finances? A little folding money can do wonders. Go up to the nearest hotel, find the congierge or bell captian or janitor. Tell you tale of woe.

Another possibility is to “accidently” leave the bag in the lobby a five star hotel. Come back at the end of the day to claim it.

What time do you have to leave it off and pick it up? Maybe you can just come by and leave it at my office, if it’s all during work hours. Ask Ike or Cajun Man for my e-mail address.