NYC Metro area Dopers: recommend me a home waterproofing company

So I’m soon to buy a new home in Flushing, NY, which area frequently has issues with basements getting flooded during a rain storm. I should know, I have owned a house here for the past 8 years, and grew up in my parents’ house about 10 blocks away.

However there are some houses which only flood during the once-a-decade hurricane type storms, and ones which seem to get wet 3 or 4 times a year to varying degrees in “normal” stormy weather. While I agree that there are only two types of basements here, ones that haven’t flooded since you’ve lived there and ones that will, I’d still like to take steps to ensure that my new home is as reasonably waterproofed as practically possible, since the basement is finished and I intend to use that space regularly.

There are many entries in the Yellow Pages and Google for waterproofing outfits in Queens, and nearly as many BBB complaints and website bashings for most of the more commonly mentioned ones. I recognize that nobody’s going to be perfect every single time, but I’d still feel better picking one based on someone’s personal recommendation and experience with them than just taking a name off the list.

So – are there any Dopers in the NYC Metro area (preferably Queens or LI) who has had a good experience with the work done by a waterproofing company?