NYC raises smoking age to 21!

The NYC City Council voted to raise the minimum purchase age* for tobacco products to 21. I think this is utterly asinine. I won’t accomplish anything except expand the black market (& create more hassle for the low-wage convenience store clerks who have to enforce this). Then there’s the fact that 18-20 yr olds are legal adults and entitled to make their own choices (except of course w/ booze, another pet peeve of mine) for better or worse. Why not at least be consistent and just raise the age of majority back up to 21? :rolleyes: Granted there’s nothing an individual state can do about the voting age (or military enlistment), but they sure can raise the age for everything else. I’m sure parents would love an extra 3 years of being legally & financially responsible for everything thing their “child” does.
*Which means unlike alcohol it’ll still be perfectly like for minors to smoke.

Yeah, the idea of having an officially recognized legal age of majority . . . then withholding rights from legal adults because of their age has always kind of confounded me.

Easy fix for anyone 18 bor over. Cross the river over to Jersey. Buy a few cartoons and return home to NY.

The clerks have to card everybody anyway. On that score, this won’t make a difference.

The Capitol Steps, a comedy troupe, did a sketch about “Nanny” Bloomberg’s quest to restrict soda serving sizes, and mentioned that if you didn’t like it, there was a light at the end of the tunnel. That light was called

New Jersey

Definitely not an easy fix for the, I’m sure, large number of smokers who can’t afford to buy a few cartons at a time and just scrape together the money for one pack as needed. It’s fine with me if it’s hard to buy cigarettes, but it will succeed in making it harder for some.

The age is 19 in New Jersey. But it still might be worth it. Cigarette prices in NJ are outrageous with all the tax but still cheap compared to NYC.

I am a rabid anti-smoking fanatic, but I think this is idiotic. Then again, as **bienville **said, it’s just as stupid as not allowing adults to buy alcohol until they’re 21. I’ve never understood the mechanism by which that is legal.

Most smokers start before they’re 18 anyway, as I understand it, so they already find ways around the age restrictions.

If you want people not to smoke, you’re going to have to do two things: change the culture so that it’s socially unacceptable to smoke (happening slowly), and make it so that it’s more profitable for the manufacturers to be in another line of work. Making it harder to buy a cool, edgy, rebellious addictive product is going to work exactly as well as it does preventing teenagers from drinking or getting pot.

They have already made it hard for those who just scrape by. The average price of a pack of cigarettes in New York is $12.50.

Unless it has changed in recent years, in Alabama the age of majority is 19. No tobacco sales, your signature on contracts is not binding, etc. For example, you cannot be the sole owner of a motor vehicle. You’re not even allowed to buy a Playboy as an 18 year-old.

Again, we can send our kids to war and get them killed at 18, but god forbid if they have a drink or a smoke before 21.

Dumb, but not unexpected. When is Bloomberg going away? Not soon enough.

If you don’t like Amurica, you kin giiiiiit out!

Wow! That’s crazy. But how much is a pack of cheap cigarettes at a cheap store? In any case it’s still going to be harder the farther you have to travel, or if you have to get someone else to buy them for you. Definitely won’t deter everyone, but it would deter some people. They might smoke when they can but not get addicted if they only have access sometimes.

I have no strong feeling either way on this. However, I am happy that somewhere, there are state’s rights conservatives undermining their own arguments by claiming that Bloomberg has no “right” to do this, or that its horrible and some higher authority should step in.

Perhaps someone thought the NYPD needs more laws to enforce?

NYer here. I think it’s well intentioned, though silly for the same reason a drinking age higher than voting age is silly. The idea is to stop people from killing themselves. The city also outlawed smoking in public parks, and there are free smoking cessation resources available to anyone who needs them by calling 311.

I can honestly say the strict smoking laws combined with insane prices ($12.50 is as low as it gets for most better brands) contributed majorly to my own decision to quit smoking.

So were there people who were legally allowed to smoke, and then that permission was taken away from them? 'Cause that would really piss me off, even though I’m an anti-smoker.

Now let’s not get animated over this.

If you did buy a cartoon in NYC under 21 you’d be spending some time in a cel.

Yes. The previous age was 18. So you got people who started at 18 and now they are 20 and addicted and now they are not allowed to smoke because they are “underaged.”