(O_o): Which of these two threads is horse manure?

Didnt **fauxpas** claim to have autism also? Whats with these idiots?

Odd…(O_o) doesn’t seem to have posted in a little while:rolleyes:.

Actually, for a side question, the plagiarism was warned about and all that, but is being totally full of shit actually against the rules at the SDMB?

I mean, I know you’re not going to get anywhere in discussions and whatnot, no one will want to open a thread of yours, and everyone will be asking if what you’re saying is total BS or not, but does lying about your personal life to a large degree violate a rule of some sort? I’m a morman/ I’m a buddhist, I’m overweight/ I’m underweight, I’m a midget/ I’m in the NBA, that sort of thing as needed.

Although intarweb man was essentially banned for being full of shit, I’d say it depends on the situtation.

Copa, I was thinking exactly the same. Plagiarism is one thing. Passing off work as your own, in an attempt to fool Dopers about your very identity, is quite another. That’s obviously trolling and should result in immediate and permanent banning. I don’t understand why we’re even having this discussion.

I thought all women had that just like all men have one testicle lower than the other (the human body not being perfectly symmetrical and all that). I thought it was very notable though, especially clothed. Oh, well. Looks like I’ll have to research.

Let me qualify that, if it’s not too much of a hijack. The practice of fooling Dopers about your own identity is particularly heinous if it’s also some kind of a sympathy ploy, claiming to have an illness or disorder.

If I – not being a millionaire – started a thread “Ask the Millionaire”, should I be banned? How about if I, not having cancer, started a thread “Ask the person with cancer”?

I say probably yes for the first case, DEFINITELY yes for the second.