(O_o): Which of these two threads is horse manure?


You recently stated in This is the place where I tell you about my autism:

That looks good, interesting even, perhaps commendable. There’s a wee little problem with your statement though. Prior to your statment which I’ve quoted above, you posted in The Education System the following:

Now, in response to my questions to you in that Education thread:

[ul][li]At what stage did you leave the “educational system?”[/li][li]Did you receive a degree from a postsecondary institution?[/ul][/li][/quote]

you responded with (in order):


So, (O_o), in which of these two threads you’ve recently opened are you actually telling the truth? In which thread are you just jerking people’s chains? In which thread are you just lying? And don’t forget Grey’s comment to you about why you can’t edit your posts:

I guess we can’t rule out the possibility that you’re full of shit in both threads.



Why do I get the impression everything (O_o) posts is one big put-on?


Could it be…

Just maybe…


He’s a lying sack of shit on middle school vacation?

I thought his username was a ASCII art version of Joan Collins’ breasts.

This could be why he posted the autism thread here instead of another forum. . .

I think Zoe nailed that one here.

“This means I can’t easily control my emotions, and this is why I still have tantrums at the age of 35.”

and in the next post he claims to be 23.

So, which is it? Perhaps you have multiple personalities too. Occum’s razor suggests that you are just a liar and possibly a thief as well. It’s a lie and/or he’s plagiarized the whole thing and just made some changes. Either way I’m rather displeased.

:frowning: Oh well, that’s what I get for trying to be nice huh?


Place yer bets.

I have five dollars on “Mwahahahaha, you’ve all been the subject of my grand experiment!!!” or a variation thereof.

Damned, I just did a search for O_o 's posts. Man y’all have been havin fun it looks like.

Good lord, he’s like another fucking Just…unowho
I’m outta here :smack:

One of her breasts was larger than the other.
No I won’t link to a picture. Do your own research on this one.

Damnit, it was MY turn to make five bucks off that! Now I’ll have to take “sum1 lse was using my SN w/o my permision.”

And that’s just not nearly as amusing, but you knew that:p

Next time I promise I’ll take “But, like, I changed one of the words, so it’s not like I copied the whole thing, so, like, I didn’t really do anything wrong” and leave you the good ones.

I think that was supposed to be one of those “show me a picture of breasts” jokes that are so common among the rabble and the riff-raff these days.

Now, please pardon me while I surf for porn.

Yeah, I knew that. I also felt that there would be those confused by the joke about Ms. Collins’ breasts. So it was half clarification, half spoiling the joke.

Hey, stop dragging this thread off-topic with all this talk of boobs!


Never mind.

I read the education thread, and (0-o) sounds like an idiotic asshole. Someone that wants to sound smart and important by using big words, and then tries to defend his misuse of the words. He babbles on incessantly about absolutely nothing better than any politician could ever dream of doing.

There is a word for what he does. Verbal Vomiting.


Psst…Michael Ellis

Alot of women have one breast larger than the other, and it’s very common for adolescent girls.