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Obligatory link to inspiration. Chatty expository about old ideas coming full circle. Question designed to illicit the maximum number of responses? Apology for wasting everyone’s time. Screwed up[i/] coding.

“Wise and pithy quote.” — Famous Person

  1. When come back bring cat breath but only the 1920’s version that was popular for 20 minutes in some trench. :slight_smile:

  2. Shiny asshole (ass just seems wrong. Arse is right . Oneday I will take a pic of the building that proudly proclaims “Auckland Old Folks Ass”. I thought of you lot when I saw it)

  3. Gidday Opal

I may be drunk madam…etc (Some old English dude)

Sorry – I try to stay away from illicit responses.

Hijack. smiley.

Failure to read OP

Statement that this has been done before.

Comment about signature

Additional post to display signature mentioned, but omitted in previous post.

Third post in which signature box is checked AFTER preview.

Rambling reply only tangentially related to any entry in the thread.

Lost gloves are sad yet intriguing.

Poor one armed workmen.

Barely coherent rambling with ample anecdotal references to some of the off-topic asides already posted, with no mention of the OP or other posts, making some obvious attempts to be seen as literary and pop-culture sensitivity, tending to trail off without making any point to speak of…

Complete quote of OP and short, one sentence agreement without explanation.

Link to original thread.

Reference to great post that was lost in the server crash.

Colon-enclosed action/emotion that was unexpectedly translated to a smiley plus-extra colon.

Completely inappropriate reference to a previous poster’s intelligence.



Question vaguely related to OP, without any interest in the answer, merely to prolong thread and reduce boredom whilst posting at work? One word misplelt.

Heated request for clarification. Insult veiled enough to fit within forum standards

rolleyes smiley

Gaudere’s Law iin actiom.


Off the wall response.

Sig line that is in huge weird font that is much larger in size and length than post with many emoticons and links.

A minor hijack
In the form of a haiku
Random poetry?