<salutations to all users who opened this thread>

<expressing dissatisfaction about one’s own ability to use the forum’s ‘search’ function>

<vague description of thread of entertaining value>

<polite request for link to said thread>

<cordial greetings>

<expression that yes, one would be happy to link to thread>

<ponderance of moral quandaries>

<link to Tubgirl in place of link to thread>

<nonsensical statement involving plankton>

<vitriolic rant against FRM for the link>

<request for brain bleach>

<purported link to requested thread that actually links to “thread”>


<145,679th reference to Hal’s propensity for sheep>

<SMACKS Spatial Rift 47 with WET TROUT for nonsensical statement involving plankton>

<remark attributed to Grapist>

<streaks through thread>

<expression of wonderment that a thread like this hasn’t happened for at least 6 months>

<statement of satisfaction that the poster got a post in on the first page of this one>

<prediction that the thread will be closed in very short order>


<reminder about 2-click rule regarding images not safe for work or minors>

<announcement that FRM has been ratted out to moderators>

<attempted link to requested thread that actually links back to post above this one>

<Hi Opal>

<upon return request fruit based baked goods>


<screwed up coding>

<end hijack>

<apologies to other posters for hijack, use of :stuck_out_tongue: smiley>

<re-post with correct coding>

<curses laid upon hamsters, Og, self, the Republican party; use of :smack: smiley>

<apologies for double post>

<assertion that I’ve seen this being done on some political blog this week>

<strong assertion that it has been done here better before: Behold, the mighty Ouborousishness that is

<remark about how it looked like a penis, only smaller>

<wonders why there are effectively two threads like this currently raking in the post-counts>

<nudging post pointing hawthorne up to post #4>

<expression of thanks to hawthorne>

<request to mods to close thread, unless more entertainment can be derived from it>