Obama and McCain just wrote for me

I run some newspapers in Ohio and West Virginia. Some of you may know that.

I had a flash about six weeks or so ago and decided to see if I could get the Presidential candidates to contribute essays to my newspaper making the case for why they should be elected.

After a month or negotiations…they both agreed!

Take a look http://www.mariettaregister.com

I feel just AWESOME right now.

That’s pretty cool. Can you guarantee it was really them and not their speech writers that wrote them?

Congratulations! What a wonderful profession coup for you and an exciting benefit to your readers.

No, I can’t guarantee it other than being promised it was. But I’m awesomely jazzed about being able to run it.

Congratulations, Jonathan! Very cool, indeed!

I just read both essays, and I have to say that the tone and content of each is stunningly different. John McCain went on for 5 paragraphs about how bad Barack Obama and the Democrats are, before ever uttering a single word about what his plans might be. One short paragraph about tax cuts, then back to bashing Barack Obama. Lots of blowing and very little substance.

Obama’s essay, on the other hand, while certainly mentioning McCain, it was primarily to contrast their positions, and the bulk of the piece was outlining many of his policies and goals for America.

Great job in getting them both to put their messages out there side-by-side. To me, the difference is obvious.