Obama Bin Laden uh Osama, Obama your Mama

The media and the public constantly flubs Osama with Obama. :slight_smile:

Some recent media gaffs reporting Obama Bin Laden dead. Even one President Osama is dead report.

Two great videos here. The second one is the best.

I felt pretty stupid when I did that myself, but- come on, they’re two very famous people in the news with rhyming names. You don’t have to be a Fox News anchor prone to Freudian slips to make this mistake.

I can totally hear David Letterman in my head right now.

“Obama, Osama. Osama, Obama.”

The funny thing is that during the 2008 presidential campaign, this kind of slip up was taken very seriously. I remember Chris Mathews messing up and over apologizing about it.

Now people make the mistake and move on.

I like how Keith Olbermann made the mistake himself right before taking a cheap shot at Fox News for doing the same thing.