Obama sounds like Osama!

There’s this guy at work who, in spite of being such a conservative, seems like a pretty decent person. Which is why I’m having trouble believing something he has said.
We were talking about who may be in the running for president in '08. I mentioned Barack Obama and he sorta came unglued. He couldn’t believe people would vote for him because of “All our men dying over there”.
Huh? Aside from the often forgotten fact that there are a lot more dying there than our “men”, what the hell does that have to do with Obama? The guy is an American, born in Hawaaii for crissakes. I think “this can’t be because their names sound sorta similar, can it?”
Well, guess what. He will not vote for Obama for just that reason. At first I chuckled, thinking he was messing with my liberal old head. But no. In fact he said a lot of people agreed with him. They don’t like Obama because of the sound of his name. To vote for him would be sorta traitorous and send a “wrong message” to our troups. So I checked around, and yes, there are those who feel the same way.
Fucking Idiots.
BTW; I’m hoping for Hillary.

That’s why Kerry lost. Sounds too much like “fairy”.


I really wish I could say that was the dumbest thing I’ve heard this week. Sadly, it isn’t.

You mean Barack Hussein Obama? Who could him with a furriner?
The name is all most people know about him.
He’s not a household name just because he appears on all network news every night.

It’s just a matter of time, really, 'til some right-wing blogger- or possibly even Fox News- “mistakenly” calls him Osama. Kinda like “accidentally” calling Foley a Democrat.

Everything I’ve read about the guy sounds pretty good to me. It’s just a shame that his name is probably going to affect his chances of nomination and election.

Ummmm, just because somebody has to, I will ask it.

What would be the subliminal implications of the sound-alike names at the ballot box?

Keeping in mind that most of us are open-minded and would know better, how many might not vote for the man because of the way your co-worker thinks?


So…because Bush rhymes with Tush, the country was really voting for an ass?

Maybe that’s not the best example…

Better hope that your cow-orker doesn’t get relocated to the capital of Nebraska.

Back in 2000 the choice was: would you rather have some Bush or have some Gore?

… HUH.

Here I thought it was just a Daily Show joke. (For those who haven’t seen it, they were doing a thing about Obama and how he’s apparently so damned popular and Jon feigned surprise that someone whose first name rhymes with Iraq, whose middle name is Hussein, and whose last name sounds like Osama would be so popular.)

I think the combination of:

A) Having the same middle name as the last name of an evil dictator


B) Having a last name that sounds like the first name of a terrorist

will be all that some people need to make up their mind that he is really one of those evil Muslims and therefore can’t be trusted. I wish it weren’t true but I truly believe that this is the level of thought that many of our citizens put into deciding who to vote for.

But I thought he pronounced it Throat-Warbler Mangrove…

Oh, come on! You know you wanted to…

Tom Vilsack may want to reconsider . . .

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Well, maybe this example might help clarify my point a little:

What if some guy named (Oh, let’s call him Vic, just for the hell of it) Hitler had been running against Angela Merkel as chancellor of Germany?

How much of the Jewish vote might he have gotten?

Yeah, I know the last names are an exact match whereas in Obama’s case they aren’t, but I still think that Obama’s staff would have a meeting and ask each other, “So how are we gonna handle the sound-alike names?”

And Okaminster, I’m not critical of your answer at all, and I admit I have no knowledge in political psychology, but I did help get my former college professor elected to Congress. His name is Newt Gingrich. (I take no responsibility for what happened to him as Speaker, but I still respect the guy.)

So I do find this interesting.



Sorry for the misspelling of your name, Oakminster.


Did you catch him on The Daily Show last night? Back when Vilsack announced, Stewart joked on Vilsack’s name using the AFLAC duck. Last night, Vilsack gave Jon an AFLAC duck toy and said he wasn’t going to duck the name issue.

I wish it was simply “rhymes with”. But it’s “sounds like”, which in this case is quite different. These people say voting for Obama is akin to voting for Osama.
I asked around. Quite a few were sympathetic to the idea. :rolleyes:

To be fair, isn’t Hussein basically the “Smith” of the Middle East?

It’s just a matter of time, really, 'til some right-wing blogger- or possibly even Fox News- “mistakenly” calls him Osama.


Actually it was Ted Kennedy, though Rush Limbaugh did set Kennedy’s flub to music. “Osama Obama” to the tune of “La Bamba.”

Kinda funny, actually.

Yeah, but you’re focusing on the “Smith” part of that sentence, while the fucktards are focusing on the “Middle East” (You know, where the terrorists come from) part.