Why I reegard many conservative pundits and politicians as reprehensible.

Someone learns that Obama’s middle name is Hussein. In a flash conservative columnists and politicians are dragging Obama into every column and speech, reciting the full name and stressing the “Hussein.” It would appear that they believe that a substantial number of their target population will vote for Republican candidates because the Democrats have someone named “Hussein.”

Then the scary thought comes, what if they are right?

Not only that, but what does it say about the people they’re trying to target? “Here, this guy is not only black, but he’s got an evil-sounding middle name! That’s not good!”

The best is when they “slip” and call him Osama, oops, tee hee, I mean Obama.

Yeah, really funny.

So Damn Insane was executed and rightfully so. I don’t know why anyone, let alone a black man, would keep the name Hussein at all. As a matter of fact, when I hear the name “Obama”, I don’t immediately conjure up the image of a black man and I doubt many of the American people do either. I see a middle eastern terrorist that has successfully infiltrated our government. If I were mister Obama, I would pick a new last name like “Jefferson” or “Washington” and pick another first name like William (“Willy” for short) and just wait for the polls to soar. We don’t need a Middle-Easterner in the White House. What we could use is a man with a little style to his dance and jiggle.

I always thought it was a great idea to get every single person to vote. However, if they make their decision based on someone’s middle name, maybe they should just stay home.

It’s not just that he has a middle name. As it turns out Hillary has cleavage. There are just so many reasons to vote against the democrats.
and Edwards got a haircut.

Hypocrits. A simple jab shouldn’t be interpretted as credible voting criteria. It’s not just politicians and pundits…it’s everyone. I called my friend Sean “seen” all the time as a kid to tease him. He hated it, and it was hilarious to me. Same deal here. Don’t play the “holier-than-thou” game about small jokes.

Gravel is a kooky old guy who…well…he’s got some damned good points.

Am I missing something here, or are you actually judging a presidential candidate by his ethnicity, the name he was given at birth, and his ability to dance?

Because if that’s the case, there’s another candidate on the Republican side whose family members are alleged to be include members of La Cosa Nostra, shares an appellation with a racist serial killer (Eric Rudolph), and has been known to perform song and dance numbers in drag. I’m just sayin’.

It’s stupid – Hussein is a very common name. When the American colonists were fighting for independence from Britain, should George Washington have changed his name because he shared it with the leader of the enemy – King George III?

What’s sick is not the name, it’s that somebody thought it matters…and was right.

The error you are making is thinking that politicians and pundits are mature, rational adults. They’re not. They’re just like little kids, but paid more.

Which leads directly to beowulff’s post #13.

As kids we do a lot of things. Most of us outgrow them, but I guess not all of us.

Because it’s his name? People get their names for all kinds of reasons, many of which hold a strong significance for their families. The “Hussein” on his birth certificate is no more an endorsement of Ba’athist Iraq than the (hypothetical) “Michael” on mine is an endorsement of dogfighting.

Gee, nobody has made fun of a politician’s name since liberals were ringing the changes on George Herbert Walker Bush and J. Danforth Quayle.

I love the ongoing “debate” about whether or not Obama is “black enough” - because so many presidential campaigns have foundered on their candidate’s not being black enough for the American public. But it serves to remind people that while Obama may arguably not be black enough, he’s still blacker then the guy he’ll be running against.

You know, guys, I think there’s a good chance that Shag was making a joke. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t really think that Barack Obama should change his name to Willy Washington and learn how to dance.

Well, he did hire Karl Rove and Kevin Bacon recently. One to teach him how to dance, and one to teach him political strategy. Nobody puts Rove in the corner!

Agreed. I don’t get so worked up when a white guy has the name Hussein, but when black guys have it they act so uppity. “Yeah, Hussein, that’s my name… you wanna make something of it?”, and of course the very name brings forth the glassy eyed mustache wearing bejewelled black man Saddam Hussein.

Come on. We both know that Danforth means “He who allows homosexual, undocumented aliens into the country for the purposes of aborting fetuses for pure pleasure”. Didn’t any of you take Latin?

George Herbert Walker Bush is an anagram for “I’m not the Anti-christ, I’m just testing the waters.” It also means deer urine in the Ojibwa tradition.