Am I bad person for this?

I used to be a conservative and a republican.

After 9/11, I began to become disgusted with the Right when they started with the “Nuke the middle East” and “Muslims=Arabs=Terrorists” Bullshit, not to mention the belief that democrats were traitors who loved terrorists. Not to mention the belief that saying “9/11” somehow justifies anything you say or do, which picks at my long held sore spots of using tragedy for political gain.

Then came Abu Gabrib and Gitmo, which were “Fraternity Pranks” and even if they weren’t “They’d do the same to you”, which did much to sever my last ties to the right.

I respected McCain until he picked Palin, which dropped my respect for him below the threshold at which I could vote for him, despite how I may feel about his policies. Then then this “Bill Ayers” and “Obama is a muslim(who are of course, evil)” and “Obama loves terrorists” crap which made me throw my vote in with obama out of pure disgust.

Now that Obama has won, I have this incredible urge just to sit back and enjoy the fuck out of the suffering the right is going through right now. They’d lathering themselves into a fit of hysteria over an Obama Presidency and now they have to live with that hysteria, a continuation of all the hate and fear they’ve put out over the past 8 years.

It’s no doubt helped by the fact the local loudmouth at work went on for weeks about how horrible Obama was, how those who didn’t vote for McCain were communists and then proceeded to go home sick(AKA, he went home and cried) the day Obama won. Now, a couple of us have been going out of our way to walk by him and say “It’s a another Red Letter day, eh, Comrade? Thank the Motherland for Glorious new Premier Obama!”

I still feel a little uncomfortable with rubbing the salt in their wounds, but then I remember how unrepetant they were about calling their political opposition traitors and terrorists and it goes away.

Did they do the same to you when Bush won? If so give it back to them. If not, remember that one day someone you don’t like might get elected and act accordingly.

Was that too reasonable for the pit? Sorry, I’m going on two hours sleep and that makes me very mellow…

I have something that would help soothe my conscience if I were in your position. Conservative GOP supporters haven’t learned a single goddamned thing.

Go ahead. Wallow in it. Feel the Schadenfreude! :smiley:

I recommend a nice pilsner with your Schadenfreude, and maybe a fresh baked pretzel. It’s delicious, really.

As I said above,

I was a righty when the Bush Administration began. Their attitude towards everyone that might disagree with them drove me away.

So, yeah.

No, no. What you will be wanting is some Pie.

And yes, wallow in it. Remember 2000 and 2004. See Khan’s post above. They have learned nothing and remain smugly arrogant. Someday you will have it thrown back in your face, but who cares.

Beaten to the punch by howye. Shakes tiny intern fists of rage.

If you’re just joking, fine (but it sounds like you’re not.) I’m not perfect but I try my best not to do to others what I don’t want done to me, and when asked for advice, it’s the course of action I recommend.

I’ve said “LOSER!” to a few soft McCain supporters whom I know I can joke with, and we’ve laughed together, but I have not gloated to any serious McCain supporters and I won’t. I hated it when those smug pricks gloated in 2004.

Well, we don’t have to get in their faces and call them losers. We can just passively, quietly watch them suffer and enjoy it. Much classier and just as guilty-pleasant. :slight_smile:


Ignorant poo slinging is what makes America great!

Well, this will be mostly watching them suffer and secretly enjoying it.

It’s the “Obamas a communist/muslim/terrorist” morons and who are vocal about it who I intend to mock as long as they keep whining. For Idiots like them:

“And I for one, welcome our new Communist/Muslim Overlords and as a trusted media personality, can be relied upon to round up others to toil away in their underground Vodka/Hummus mines.”

Or just

“In Soviet America, Obama rules you!”

It’s not McCain supporters I have an issue with. It’s the assholes who are declaring that the world is going to end/American is going to become Communist/Bin laden is going to bunk at the white house(and believe it) because Obama is going to be president.

Those people who have been screaming their heads off since obama won, because they’ve lived in Hatred for anything remotely not conserative for 8 years and now their own boogyman is at the gate.

I see no reason not to enjoy them self destruct. Or better yet, Mock them by making light of their fears.