Now that Obama has won...

This will seem like gloating but its not. Its more of a giant sigh of relief. Besides, now that its over I need to get this out of my system.

I hope that Obama is a good president. But now that he’s won I look forward to:

[li]No more sleazy lies from McPalin. I was sick of watching him say things like "Obama should come clean about Ayers. McCain knew damn well he was fearmongering. [/li][li] No more Palin at least not as much as we’ve been getting. Pretending she was anywhere near qualified for VP insults even the dimmest Americans intelligence. [/li][li] Watching Freepers go nuts. [/li][/ul]

McCain’s concession is on TV now. When he said he congratulated Obama the crowd booed. they can’t even lose with dignity.

I am personally gratified that such small sentiments as you’ve expressed are an underwhelming minority.

Count me in as part of that minority, then. Especially the bit about freepers going nuts- if they were part of my party, I’d be quick to disown them. Looking at their forum right now, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some of them who are at least entertaining fantasies of keeping Obama from the Presidency.

I think the underwhelming minority are the ones that liked the sleazy muck throwing lies, thought Palin was a good choice and thinks the freepers are rational. But Scylla can always watch the ads on youtube if that makes him happy.

And if we are really fortunate, no more complaints that “the system” is rigged, the country as a whole is bigoted, and the American people refuse to give persons of color a decent chance to prove themselves.

I am waiting to find out what he is going to call on us to do. He asked that we elect him, and we did. I’m ready to get to work on cleaning up the mess.

There is work to be done. And we have a mandate.

Get real. The majority of Americans have supported such sentiments with their votes.

Well, so much for the end of hateful divisive partisanship.

Yes, because celebrating the end of a filthy divisive McCain campaign is exactly the same as embracing divisive partisanship. You’ve nailed it in one.

Off to the Pit with the rest of the rants.

Palin will be boxed up and shipped back to Alaska. Pundits see her as hurting the campaign badly. She likely will have no political traction at all.

Speaking of the two, the Freepers are already talking about how excited they are for her run in 2012. gag :rolleyes:

Yeah, and we were thatclose before Jolly Roger fucked it up for all time. Disgraceful with him making a comment like that, what with him being the new Senate Majority Leader and all. Nobody likes a sore loser, man.
So has anybody else picked out what they’re going to wear to the inauguration yet? I’m trying to decide if this is too flashy.

Perhaps if you embroidered a little hammer and sickle on the chest…

No, Sam, that’s quite dignified. But no sash or garter-that’s just too ostentatious

I’m going back to FriarTed’s thread now, last I checked it was conveying what I prefer the message to be.

You’re welcome to join me. :smiley:

Hmm… anyone know how to embroider an aborted fetus on the point of an embroidered sickle?

Thank you, lee. Me too.

<rolling up sleeves>

Maybe we could do the whole thing as a sort of food stamp mosaic.