Sorry the election has you down, but...

This afternoon a friend of mine who happens to be extremely far to the right on most matters, felt the need to tell me that he just feels awful about what he considers the foregone conclusion of an Obama victory tomorrow.

Really, I don’t wish anyone to feel bad - well, short of murderers, rapists, investment bankers, and members of the current administration. :wink: But I had to tell him that however badly he might feel, I doubted it could be worse than I felt 4 years ago. And you know, even tho I think I flirted with diagnosable depression after W got 4 more years, it sure didn’t cross my mind to comment about it to any of my conservative friends and acquaintances.

Just struck me as odd.

Believe me, pubbies - there are a whole bunch of dems out there who know exactly how badly you feel. So keep it to yourselves, m-kay?

…if Obama wins. I won’t believe it until I see the election results.

So you started a thread to be sure we all knew you did not want to talk about it?

You might like this, then (and it may make your friend feel better hearing things from another conservative, too, so spread it around).

Just out of curiosity, your right-wing friend wasn’t the type who gloated over Bush winning in 2004 and rubbed it in your face was he?

Same here. Regardless of what the polls say, I’m still girding my loins for what might happen tomorrow.

Are you fucking serious?

They deserve every fucking bit of scorn we can fucking level at them. They’ve insinuated that we’re unAmerican and they’ve called us traitors. It’s the fucking opinion of a very large portion of people you are referring to. You’re feeling sorry for people who would prefer that this nation be a religious theocracy.

Now I don’t want to return the favor, I just want to bask in the fact that the nation is getting past these baser instincts. Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile

That’s no weirder than the thread in which people are gushing about how Obama makes them so happy they get weepy. Lots of fucked up people of all political persuasions in this world.

You beat me to the punch.

Yeah, that shit’s been scaring me for a long time now. He better learn how to walk on water and create loaves and fishes pretty fast, or he’s going to have a lot of whack-job fanatic followers suddenly turning even scarier.

I will never understand how people can get wrapped around the axle over this sort of thing. We could elect Hanoi Jane and I wouldn’t do anything but sigh and go about my business, yet the results send people to the looney bin?

How positively surreal.

No - I honestly can’t remember any righties gloating to my face. But I sure didn’t express to any of them how sad Bush’s re-election made me.

Note to Shodan and other reading-impaired: there is a distinction between not caring to hear something, and not wanting to talk about having heard it. But you knew that. You were just being your usual clever self.

I wouldn’t have expected it until I experienced it. It really was wierd!

I think it was largely due to the fact that I thought Kerry had a chance, and invested quite a bit of effort and thought into it. Not that I was a huge Kerry fan, but that I desired anyone but Bush. It amazed and depressed me that our country could re-elect someone I thought so incompetent and dangerous - but we did. Convinced me to cease paying attention to national politics, and focus instead upon what went on within the walls of my home.

Okay, but let’s not talk about it.

I don’t care.

You can type the words, but folks around here know you certainly care very much about being a dick.

But I only mentioned it so we wouldn’t talk about it.

Right wingers are so cute when they’re grumpy!

Does talking about not talking about it count as talking about it?

I can’t decide if this reflects step one, step four or step five.

Except that he (and I) both work for W, in not-defense. And honestly? It drove me out of government. Working some place like the EPA, HUD, DOJ, Education, US Attorneys was depressing over the last 8 years. Especially if you worked your ass off to qualify for the fellowships only to see them go to people who attended the Oral Roberts School of Law, the incompetent toadies put in place, the rotating GC’s and Secretaries. What do you not understand about that? Maybe you have no ambition, ideals or problem working for the incompetent. Some of us do.

Oh yeah Dinsdale, I’m dealing with the tragic sighs and moaning about Obama and welfare administrations and “this will be the worst thing to happen to America” schoolchoicewahwahwah here at home, but I’m putting up* with it because he puts up with all my complaints.

*Except when I say “Palin” and cackle and he gets grouchy because he has no answer to that since he hates her himself.