F*ck yeah!!!!!!!

f*ck yeah!!!

Quite. nods

Welcome back, America. And congratulations.

We’ve missed you.


It feels good to win. This isn’t just my football team beating yours. Obama is a remarkable man. I think he could be the best president of my life.

Has something happened? Don’t even think about assuming i’m being serious. I mean you.

Thanks! We’re very happy to be back.

Excuse me, I must go off and cry with joy now.


Two words as to how this will end up:
Jimmy Carter

times 2

Nah. Crawl back under yer rock. Nuthin’ to see here.

Well I’m glad that finally turned out alright now. :cool:

Two terms? Sweet!

Also… can I get next week’s lottery… ahhh, screw it! President-Elect Barack Obama wouldn’t waste time taunting the likes of you. I’ll follow his lead.

After this.

Neener, neener, neener!

Crying here too. Well done, America.

I really hope it’s true! I am pretty proud of my fellow americans right now, though. I can’t wait to hear what the final voter turnout was.

…“on a beautiful Arizona evening…”

Yes it is!!!

It’s over, it’s over, oh yeah yeah yeah!!!

Please, let it all be over.

Congrats!! We’re celebrating up here too.

Thank you, America.

I’m weepy with joy and pride. This is amazing.

Listen to all those sore losers in Arizona ‘boo’. It gladdens my heart to rub it in.


Lets out world’s biggest sigh of relief.