Obama Campaign, shut the fuck up and go to bed!!

These fucking douchebags figured that 9pm is the best time to start their closing program. On a fucking Monday night. These pricks are pounding out the music at full blast at the Prince William County Fairgrounds, which is literally 100 yard from my back porch.

Why the fuck didn’t they start this shit at 6 pm? 7pm? Whatever, but why on earth start at 9pm?? WTF?? Couldn’t they have done this at Nats stadium or something? Why in the middle of a residential neighborhood? Seriously. The fairgrounds is in the middle outer end of Manassas VA with houses backed up to the grounds.

I think it’s supposed to go until like midnight or some shit.

This is going to be a long fucking night.


Awwww poor baby…guess your sad cause you picked TWO losers this year!


Call the cops and complain about the noise.

I would assume they’ve got a permit if they’ve rented the fairgrounds. There probably is a cutoff time. Maybe midnight? :stuck_out_tongue:

I pity the poor slobs in Chicago, where the noise isn’t even really going to start till midnight.

I tend to agree with the OP - I don’t care who wins the fucking election as long as I get my sleep.

Christ, he’s still talking and it’s almost 11pm.

I voted for him but this is really trying my patience tonight.

The zombified chants of “OOOHHH-BAH-MAH” over and over is kind of creepy too.

WWWWWWWWWWWaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…booo hooo hooo

Did you understand when you moved 100 yards from a FAIRGROUNDS that sometimes they hosted events in the evening?..

nighty night…


This isn’t the evening motherfucker. Its 11 oclock on a Monday night.

Go fuck yourself commie.

Pity the folks in Prescott, AZ near the venue at which McCain is holding a midnight rally tonight, then.

Ladies and Gentlemen…This is what being a fan of 100 year LOSERS turns you into…

Loserfan…I did FUCK myself…and it was fabulous…:wink:

Wanna change? Move further away from your counties PUBLIC venue…


Cubsfan, I hear ya. I never lived near anything that would draw something like that, but as a kid and early teenager, we were back door to a place where a marching band practiced. Seemingly all. the. damn. time. And although I’m a huge Obama supporter as well, I bet my hackles would be raised beyond belief if I had to listen to that all night long and then get up early the next day.

Fortunately, all you gotta remember is that it’ll be over soon. Hang in there.

Whaddya expect if ya live in a town called Man Asses?

(stupid Don and Mike joke :D)

Come on FF…this is the pit…you can do better than that. :wink:

What if Alice was Rockin’ at that VENUE…would you be as sympathetic?

Kindest of regards K…hope all is well…

back to the OP…I am almost 100% sure the rally has ended…The O’man has to be in ChiTown to vote in the AM.

ftr…not commie but leans slightly sociaist. :smiley:


I know, sometimes I’m a sentimental schmuck that way. :stuck_out_tongue: But now if Alice was rocking anything close to me… well you can bet your sweet bippy that I’d be there! And as to all being well, it is indeed. Thanks for asking. Warmest to you too love.

Maybe they forgot and the cops will give the a warning. Now that’d be a news story. :slight_smile:

I’m actually sympathetic to the OP. That would bother me too. Sorry, Cubby. If I had to listen to a bunch of McCain/Palin jack-offs playing their shitty country music all night, I’d be pissed too.

Bad luck living next to a fairgounds, I guess.

Yes, the librarian will be quite cross at having to shush all six of them at least twice!

Cubsfan, cut it out with the neener neener type playground bullying. What are you, twelve?

Christ, the man’s not even President yet, and we’re already getting the “My life sucks and its all Obama’s fault!” threads. I’d hoped we’d at least have a brief gap between the “Bush/Republicans Suck!” threads and the start of the “Obama sucks!” but I guess not. :rolleyes:

Yeah, that thing in Manassas fucked up Northern Virginian traffic for hours – that is, it was much worse than usual.

Is 9:00pm *late *now? Did I miss a memo? Or did I just not get it yet because I’m not eleventy hundred years old and crotchety? No good party gets going until after midnight!

Seriously, it’s one night out of your life. Why the hissyfit?