Obama congratulates McCain on Cheney endorsement

Kiss of death?:smiley:

Damn, he’s good.
I think he convinced me to vote for him! :smiley:

At this point, no news is really going to make a difference, I think.

Does Cheney hate McCain that much?

This, coming a few days before the elections, reminds one of someone else being kissed a few days before meeting an untimely end.

McCain’s airing an ad with an endorsementfrom a socialist and terrorist sympathizer.

In the linked article was this doozy:

I can not fathom why people can not look at what Obama has achieved in his life and in his campaign and see greatness.

The best ground game of any presidential election to date-check
Criticized for weakness in foreign policy, picked VP to fill those holes. -check
Handles pressure and attacks with grace -check
When baited to make a negative statement about Palin’s daughters teen pregnancy - Gave a respectful, honest response.
Has gotten support from both sides in his endorsements. -check

Why the hell can’t anyone see? Him as a candidate is him in his life. Him as a President should follow suit.