Al Qaeda endorses McCain...seriously.

NY Times

Heh. Dude can’t catch a break, man.

That’s fairly ignorant of al Qaeda. McCain knows where Bin Laden is and how to get him. Cite.

So apparently they’re endorsing McCain because they want to turn themselves in, get a nice meal and a warm bed at Gitmo.

As an ardent Barack Obama supporter, I say, whole-heartedly … who gives a fuck what Al-Qaeda says about this?

I thought it was bullshit in 2004 when the right was going on and on about how Al-Qaeda wanted Kerry elected, and I think this is bullshit too.

Not even. Like, a poster on the AQ SDMB.

I don’t care either. I just posted it because I thought it was funny and because McCain himself tried to make an issue out of Hamas praising Obama a while ago.

I see your point. But even way back when … I kind of figured something like this would swing back around to bite someone in the ass sooner or later.

They’re really pro-Nader, but they don’t want to throw their vote away. What can you do in a two-party system?

It doesn’t matter who you vote for, either way your planet is doomed. DOOMED!

Dude, please don’t pull a Reeder. You’ve got better skills than that.

This should get a prize! :smiley:

Al Queda can endorse John McCain all they want, but I won’t vote for him.

How am I pulling a Reeder? I didn’t say this meant anything about McCain and I posted it in MPSIMS.

It’s also valid to rub McCain’s nose in this since he tried to do it to Obama.

Wasn’t their website hacked a little while ago?

ponders who the suspect could be…

More material for SNL! Yay!

It makes perfect sense. These are the guys who want to die martyrs and get free virgins in the afterlife. McCain is more likely to help them achieve their goal.

If Al Qaeda wants McCain, then they can get their American citizen members (surely there must be one or two) to vote for him.

Hopefully Obama wins and America can stop pissing off the rest of the world and instilling the kind of passion and hatred that drove the 9/11 attackers.

France gets pissed off at us, but I don’t see Alphonse and Marcel bombing our buildings.

England gets pissed off at us, but I don’t worry for a second about Nigel and Percy launching suicide missions on our soil.

Wanna try again?

It’s been a long time since the US dropped bombs on Europe though…

Nah, barely 10 years. Serbia.

ETA: Beaten to it by Gatopescado.

But wait, didn’t you once say… oh, I get it.