Al-Qaeda linked website backs McCain

Well, the presidential endorsement we’ve all been waiting for has come through, here.

What do you think. Reverse psychology? Hoping to recruit some Alaskans to the Jihad? Not happy with Obama because he joked about putting make up on an unclean animal?

[this is in the pit because, lord knows, there isn’t actually a debate here. Just head scratching from afar.]

I guess Barack Obama’s just not their kind of Muslim.

It doesn’t surprise me that they would prefer McCain. After all they are in the business of escalation and divisiveness and McCain makes a much better enemy. I just thought that they were smart enough to be a bit more subtle than that. Apparently not.

Reverse psychology. Osama wants a sit down with Obama in Bora Bora.

Given that in 2004 it was a huge deal that al Qaeda had “endorsed” Kerry, I am shocked that I haven’t heard a peep about this on Fox News.

Of course, I don’t watch Fox News as a rule. That might have something to do with it. :smiley:

Clearly McCain is a member of Al Qaeda and is planning on turning the white house and congress into a sleeper cell so they can all crash planes into stuff when Mo shows back up to kill the Christians and Nintendo fanboys.

Trying to figure out why they did this sounds like a fool’s errand. And the article says that the author of that message is not actually affiliated with Al Qaeda, although the site itself is. So interpreting it as AQ’s overall endorsement sounds wrong.

I think it’s to cancel out the Farrakhan vote…

Yeah, I didn’t read the story in the OP but the story I saw yesterday was titled AL QAEDA BACKS MCCAIN and the body said the same thing - the guy isn’t affiliated with Al Qaeda - - :confused:.