"Obama Deception"--point-by-point debunking please

I’ve really tried to watch that drivel but I have a very low tolerance for paranoid raving. I then turned to the Internet and tried to find a point-by-point debunking of it, alas, to no avail. I was inundated with more links to the video itself and the ahing and oohing of the practically worshipful fans of the video’s producer. Finally, I’m turning to you, the Teeming Millions, in my quest.

Is there a point-by-point debunking of the conspiracy “theory” called The Obama Deception? If so, please post a link or some of the real info (as opposed to the scaremongering such as the video’s).


Could you provide a point-by-point explanation of The Obama Deception first, so we know what conspiracy theory we’re supposed to be debunking?

Is it related to the e-mail “50 Lies Told by Obama”? if so, Snopes has a point-by-point: Obama’s 50 Lies.

Here is a link to the full movie. the central thesis seems to be that Obama is a tool of some shadowy agency intent on establishing a world government of some kind. Then again, I only watched about 5 minutes of it before I got too bored and turned it off.

You can’t “debunk” insanity, you can only stare agape in horror and wonder. Do the people fostering this deep-dish crapola really believe any of this? Or are they simply turning in a workmanlike product to cash the check? Do they think of themselves as patriots, or is the question not relevent?

I think we’ve made rather a good choice this time out. He’s not “lefty” enough for my ideal, but there was never a chance of that anyway, we disagree on a number of substantial points. So I am far from slavishly devoted, though generally approving.

But this shit? By the Goddess’ Bountiful Bosom, I have no idea what they’re about with this. I mean, his hair is cut so short, they can readily see that there is no “666” birthmark…

Frankly, I think the “Obama Derangement Syndrome” on the part of the wingnuts is more concentrated and insane than the “Clinton Derangement Syndrome” ever was. Obama’s sent the wingnuts into complete meltdown, just by BEING the president. I mean, this started before the inauguration! It’s not like they’re reacting to anything he’s actually DONE, they’re just reacting to his existence. It’s insane.

It posits that the president is a puppet and the government isn’t really in charge of national policy, which is all decided in advance by the Bilderberg Group. It uses spooky music and phrases like “New World Order”, “Military-Industrial Complex”, “Shadow Government”, “Banking Elite”, etc.

It’s The X-Files, Scooby-Doo, and a Satanic Panic all rolled into one. The Scooby-Doo part is when the intrepid investigator (Steve Jones?) goes to the Marriott hotel at Chantilly, Va, site of this year’s Bilderberg Group meeting. They say that Obama is in the meeting but nobody sees him. He’s joined by a group of meddling kids who harrass cars with a megaphone as they drive into a meeting in Virginia.

Then talk turns to the Trilateral Comission and Council of Foreign Relations. It’s pretty much “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” updated to a post-Soviet era.
The video names powerful people and labels them as members of:

[li]Bilderberg Group[/li][li]Trilateral Comission[/li][li]Council of Foreign Relations[/li][/ul]

They do make some good points re: the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act setting the stage for the current financial crisis, but they try to imply that it was all planned in advance by the world banker conspiracy. The video also states that Obama was chosen by members of the three groups to be the new face of the New World Order.

At about 45 minutes into the video, talk turns to how Obama isn’t keeping his campaign promises and keeps moving the goalposts as a way of maintaining the status quo set by BushCo, et al. That he has packed his cabinet with lobbyists; meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Then they go after the Federal Reserve and Social Security. They talk about doing away with the Federal Reserve and putting it under the control of the Treasury Department.

I gave up after about one hour.

And please note! Not one mention…not even one!..of the impending catastrophe! I speak, of course, of the dreadful menace of Cognitive Dissonance, the number one theat to the Republic.

That they studiously and carefully ignored this issue speaks volumes!

Do they also mention fluoridation of the water supply?

Do they address the ramifications of Obama’s shadowy claim to citizenship? Any talk of the demons/spirits that are actually in control?

“The Obama Deception” is embedded into this thread over on Christian Forums. (Apologies for not linking directly to the video; if there’s a way to peel it out from there, I don’t know it.) I haven’t watched and so can’t comment, but I though posting the link to what’s being discussed might help.

The Military/Industrial Complex was coined in Eisenhower’s farewell address. It is not the property of the fringe.

Unfortunately, yes they do believe it and yes they do think they are patriots. Ever gone to the Hannity Forums? Thousands of frothy mouthed conservatives.

Got my issues with Ike the President (though Ike the Coalition Leader can hardly be matched…), most especially with his deeply questionable commitment to follow through on the civil rights progress of Truman and Roosevelt. But in that one moment, he tried to tell us something very important. A pity we didn’t listen…

Yeah, no doubt, but I’m pointing more to media hucksters and that ilk, the people who produce, direct, edit this shit. They couldn’t all be true believers, some of them have to simply be whores. I can forgive an idiot.

I never said they own it or invented it, but they use it more than anyone else.
And Cheney embodies it with his connections to Haliburton and the Bush 43 administration’s Iraq war.
Watch it and tell us what you think.

I’m not sure if there’s a rule against “resurrecting dead threads” on this forum, I looked over the rules and didn’t see anything like that.

There is a point-by-point debunking that came out about the Obama Deception, but it wasn’t released until after this thread, but here’s the link for people still interested:


Yes there is. I believe the general rule is to start a new one with a link to the old.

To be fair, I’m not sure linking to the debunking is sufficiently GDish in a vacuum.

A fucking MARRIOTT?!?!? Y’know, I used to think the Bilderbergers were cool, but now they’re meeting at a hotel that’s a frequent-flyer upgrade from a Motel 6?

How the mighty have fallen. :frowning: