Obama: first mention of him on the SDMB?

Unfortunately the search function is limited to 750 results, which takes us back to about last week for the word “Obama”. But there was a thread back in 2005 or 2006 from someone who saw Obama speak, and tipped him for greatness.

If anyone has that bookmarked, I’d very much appreciate a link.

Is this it? Barack Obama - future President?

Change search function to from one year and older than, and in ascending order.

This was the earliest reference to Barack I could find was by dropzone, referring to a speach he made in Illnois for his Senate seat.

Then there are a handful of threads that speak optimistically for Obama:

Suppose Kerry Wins, But…(GD 06-11-2004)
Barack Obama has a change of heart…(BBQ 07-25-2004)

Obama for President!(MPSIMS 07-27-2004)
Barack Obama(GD 07-27-2004)

Let’s discuss the Democratic Convention!(GD 07-26-2004)

Keyes To Run Against Obama in Illinois Senate Race (GD 08-06-2004)

ETA: All you jerks who live in “Obamaville” make it difficult to search these threads using the “find word” tool in my browser. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you very much!

Never mind. I didn’t notice where this thread was located.

From the first thread posted:

“The first black president, if we ever have one, will have a lot more in common with Colin Powell than with Barack Obama, let alone Al Sharpton. More’s the pity.” - Brain Glutton.

It’s rather startling how prescient some board members were…and how staggeringly wrong others were. Methinks this needs some discussion in a more appropriate forum (assuming jjimm hasn’t started a thread for such a purpose already).

No, I just wanted to send it to a non-Doper. Feel free to start one yourself though.

The earliest mention I could find was by dropzone on March 18th, 2004:


NOTE: None of this is meant as criticism, but just a sign of how far we’ve come in only FOUR YEARS.

Dayam! Ain’t I the prescient one? Always could spot talent.


It’s pretty entertaining reading some of those old threads. I especially enjoyed the argument about “witnessing”: **Liberal **got in a few good zingers. Ironic since he is now a such a big Obama fan…

But it is especially interesting to see how many people were ready to dismiss him. Diogenes got it right, and a few others.

Discussion thread in a more appropriate forum.

Since the question’s been answered, I think we can safely close this thread to keep it from becoming another political conversation.