Obama just drove by!

Mr. Obama has a rally in Dunedin, FL tomorrow afternoon. I work on a semi-busy street in a nearby town, Belleair. A co-worker was outside and saw a commotion at the intersection, then saw the convoy turn down the road and called us out. There were 3 or 4 Ford Expeditions with Secret Service guys, then the big tour bus, then 4 squad cars with lights flashing. Very cool! My boss gave him a thumbs up as they zoomed by.
I’d like to attend the rally, but I can’t take time off work. Maybe if I pester my boss enough… :smiley:

How do you get tickets and what time is the event?


Opens around 10am, event starts at 1pm.
It’s free - but space is limited, as is parking. There’s a shuttle…

They recommend you RSVP at his site: http://my.barackobama.com/page/s/fldunedinchange

Here’s some info from Dunedin.gov: http://www.dunedingov.com/

Geeze, I hope he didn’t threadshit too! :wink:

Did he change lanes? :wink:

Do it, it’s worth it.

Did he bring pie?

Well, I’m not at the rally, sadly. If I pushed, I could have used a vacation day and made it up to my boss later. A co-worker’s wife is there and a couple others are upstairs watching the speech on TV (trying to anyway - not on yet).

But the hero of today is Tom, the co-worker who got to shake Mr. Obama’s hand this morning! He was on his way to a meeting at Morton Plant Hospital and noticed the security team by the gym as he pulled in. He walked over and, I guess, started speaking with the security guys - who were very interested, but he’s wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase…they checked him out and gave him the OK.
He says the camera adds ten pounds, truly. Obama’s a lot skinnier than he looks on TV, and he’s very ‘personable’. Tom mentioned our seeing him drive by yesterday and asked if Obama noticed our bank, which I thought was funny. Obama said no, he didn’t. Other people started coming over, so the security team started moving him along, Tom said goodbye, shook hands and that was it.

Obama involved in driveby — film at 11!

Obama must be heading home…this time the whole branch was out there, except for one away at lunch. They weren’t going to miss it this time!
The bus was smaller, but still the same with SUVs and squad cars, lights flashing.
One car going in the other direction pulled up and asked what was going on, there were squad cars at the intersection…my boss tells the woman driving, “It’s Obama” and she rolls her eyes and says, “Like that’s a big deal”
Maybe not, but we weren’t the only ones out there cheering him on. :slight_smile:

When the Obama convoy drove through one of the SUV’s needed some gas but between the driver and all of the passengers they couldn’t come up with less than an $50 dollar bill.

But Barack saved the day when he hopped into the back of the SUV and said “It’s ok, I’ve got Change.”

How is it that Bellair is on the way to anywhere from Dunedin? Or is he staying at one of those mansions out on Bellair Beach?

(I saw where earlier he’d stopped in at O’Keefe’s. I’d avoid that part of town or else the Republicans will start trying to paint him as a Scientologist)