Obama: my grandma (1922-2008) lived through TWO world wars!!!!

Just thought I’d get a jump on all you wingnuts who want to elevate this extemporaneous misstatement into a national security issue, or the value of a Columbia/Harvard education, or some secret Muslim/socialist code or whatever today’s talking point is.

Go nuts, if you’re not there already.

What’s funny is that you can tell he realized what he’d said right after saying it–the portion of his speech afterwards was very halting and hesitant.

In what alternate universe?

Link? I can’t find anything.

I do know that people often mix up dates and chronology, especially when stressed. (The other night on Bill Maher’s show, I’m pretty sure I heard Amy Holmes, an inexplicably Republican but otherwise fairly bright young black lady, refer to FDR being President in 1929 when the stock market crashed.)

Probably not a link yet, as it literally JUST happened in a speech in NC. I saw it live.

Yeah, I typed it about 20-30 seconds after he said it. He was speaking in NC, I think, at about 6:40 something, if you want to look.

Ah; I’ve got the live stream from CNN now. Sounds like he’s on top of it now.

ETA: It’s been literally years since I’ve listened to an entire presidential speech. Always used to, even with presidents I didn’t like, like Reagan and GHWB. But with GWB, I just can’t. Man, Obama would be a nice change.

Surely The Struggling Global War for Iraqi Freedom and Liberation and Terror and Islamic Radical Extremism counts!

Well, there’s WW2 and Bush’s Global War on Terrorism, right?

Obviously he was referring to Armstrong’s Toyota’s War on Prices.*

*Link goes directly to video.

World War II
War on Drugs
Star Wars
War on Terror
War of the Worlds (Orson Welles radio broadcast)
Cola Wars

What a gaffer, he completely underestimated the number of wars.

…the Cold War?


I mean, um. Carry on.

There were three world wars in the 20th Century: WWI, WWII, and the Cold War.

[hijack]What creeps me out slightly is that I’m only half Obama’s age, yet my grandparents actually did live through both world wars[/hijack]

It’s probably just a case of 'Well, it happened in the first half of the last century, and she was born in the first half of the last century…" without actually bothering to work the numbers. Which is understandable, since I doubt this speech was planned too far in advance.

The Cold War wasn’t a World War?

Noooo, you’re behind-the wingnuts are too busy telling everyone how he killed her and destroyed his REAL birth certificate!!!

Yeesh, people, get your conspiracy theories straight!

More seriously, the Cold War is called World War III often enough he could reasonably say that’s what he meant.

I’ve never agreed with that.