Obama on picking the right partner for marriage

The Independent has a nice little fluff piece here wherein Dan Pfeiffer reveals the three questions Barack Obama says you should ask yourself about your prospective partner.

There’s nothing exactly earth-shattering there, but their marriage has lasted.

The other two are, does she/he make you laugh, and would she/he be a good mother/father to your children, assuming you have any.
I’d add, do you see money the same way.
I didn’t really think about the kids question, but I implicitly thought about the other three, and it worked. Married, happily, 40 years.

I think the third one is important if you don’t want kids too, if you trade in “parent” for “caretaker”. Because I don’t know about y’all, but if I’m puking my guts out I want whomever shares my life to be able to take care of me, not to freak out so much that I’m the one calming him down!