Obama - the lowest spending POTUS since Coolidge


Of course I am referencing the Nutting article above - which puts Obama spending at a 1.4% annualized rate from previous years. Fine. Bush 43 was in the 8% range for eight years.

The CBO numbers back Nutting up. Has this been hashed out here?

Will anyone dispute this?

George Bush submitted the 2009 budget in February 2008. In early 2009, Obama proposed the stimulus, which was quickly approved. Are you saying that because Bush originally submitted the 2009 budget, Bush should be held responsible for the spending increases and tax cuts that Obama proposed in the middle of 2009?

puddleglum and I tried to explain this nonsense to Lobohan in this thread on page 2. I assume Lobohan finally figured out the article was bullshit because he quickly stopped responding.

No, I lost track of the thread. I assure you, you’re incorrect that you effectively argued it.

Next time you want me to respond to something, please feel free to PM me. If I’m wrong I want to know about it. In this case however, it looks like you’re the one full of it.

Take it up with Politifact: http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2012/may/23/facebook-posts/viral-facebook-post-says-barack-obama-has-lowest-s/

I perused the thread and don’t see a coherent argument for you. Federal spending in Bush’s last fy was 3.52 trillion and it is barely above that now.

I will source if you like. (the CBO).

There’s no debate - it is pretty indisputable. It’s also a big reason why we’re stalling out economically.

I’ll put all the effort into disputing it that you put into framing it.

Very little then. I am a frequent contributor to Reason H&R. Reason is a band of misfits who now go by the Brat-bitch way of discourse. May he rest in peace.

Hey, it was your OP.

Reason H&R posters are malformed idiots. They oppose the CDC and FDIC for instance. Any dime spent on the CDC is a waste.

I know them all there. They are full time miscreants.

Here’s a graph on federal, state and local spending under Obama:

Word. Obama should make Paul Krugman chair of the Council of Economic Advisors or something.

This thread proves that statistics can be made to show absolutely anything.



I’ve now put in three times as much work in disproving your OP as you did in crafting it
Point is: linking to an article and saying “Will anyone dispute this?” is intellectually lazy (almost as intellectually lazy as saying “I disregard all arguments from ____ cause they’re all doodyheads”). It was disputed all over the internet. If you’re unaware of the rather obvious counterarguments, it’s because you didn’t look.

If you have an argument to make, make it.

Reason’s chart is skewed because it is based on spending as a share of GDP. As Nutting points out, GDP has fallen making the same amount of spending look like an increase. But does Reason have a point that Nutting is also cherry picking his stats by focusing on the year to year increase in spending? They call him a big spender for maintaining the high level of spending begun in 2009.

Your links are complete and total garbage. Take this gem, for instance: “But poor President Obama pleads that when he came into office in January 2009, he was just unable to do anything about the Animal House, binge drinking, frat party he and Pelosi ordered up for the year, with Rep. Barney Frank co-starring as John Belushi. Unlike when a real adult came into office in January, 1981.”

The fact that you expect us to take numbskulls like this seriously… :rolleyes:

This is tired nonsense offered by those without actual evidence for their position. If stats could actually be made to say anything, we would never be able to answer questions or make advances. Do not let the conservative war on science get any further!

Meh. They were the first three ones that showed up on Google. Didn’t really bother to read them closely.

But I’ll file you in with the “unable/unwilling to craft an argument, or logically refute one” crowd.

You appear to have written these two sentences together without the slightest hint of irony.

It is breathtaking. Like a shorn scrotum.

I wasn’t aware that the president decided how much money was spent. I’m going to sue my HS Civics teacher-- we were taught that Congress approves the budget. We’re were also taught that spending bills had to originate in the House. But that would mean the Republican controlled House was the real source of this thrift, and that can’t be true. Only Obama can claim credit for this marvel of the last few years.