Obama to appear on Daily Show tonight

If anybody is interested. Even the staff says this is an attempt to pander to the base, but it should be entertaining.

So who says a comedy show can’t pander?

PLEASE please someone post a link to this asap after it airs. I don’t do TV, but would really like to see this.

The latest episode is always available on http://www.thedailyshow.com the day after. I don’t know exactly when the site updates, though.

I’m interested, this is a good move by Obama I think and I look forward to seeing how Jon handles it. Last nights show was great. The are in DC this week preparing for the Rally on Saturday.

Agreed. Even Jason Jones was funny. Sadly, Samantha Bee and that new gal still suck; maybe it’s the writers. They need to do their own schtick instead of trying to do what the guys do.

Oops. I’m referring to the Monday night show, since I watch it the following day.

I love Jon Stewart.

However, I think it’s unseemly for the President of the United States to appear on the “Daily Show.”

I think it is getting pretty clear that Obama has little interest in politics for its own sake. He just always really wanted to be on TV and becoming president seemed to be the best way to get his pick of shows to appear on. He should just get an agent and move to New York or Hollywood.

I believe sitting Presidents have appeared on other shows. Why is the “Daily Show” unseemly?


If Glenn Beck’s rally had been about toning the rhetoric back and focusing on the middle of the aisle, I’m sure Obama would have wanted to go on his show too.

I think it is unseemly for a politician to appear on Fox.
I have no problem with him on Daly since that is where many young people get their news.

Richard Nixon was on fucking Laugh In.

Wow, I don’t even support Obama really and this seems unfair. That’s a sweeping statement to make about someone you don’t know.

Richard Nixon was unseemly.

We were talking about this President, but I’ve had similar criticisms against sitting a POTUS appearing on entertainment programs. It’s not dignified.

OK, at least it is not just the Daily Show for you but how come?

Can you elucidate why? I don’t see that it’s necessarily so.

This is exactly why he should be on TDS. It isn’t where “many” young people get their news…it’s where ALL young people get their news.

As much as they pretend otherwise, it’s the most legitimate news show in the eyes of today’s 18-30yr olds

He’s not a movie star or some junior senator. He is the most powerful man in the world. Once he’s done serving his time, I have no issues with a POTUS appearing wherever he pleases. I really enjoy listening to Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton when they appear on talk shows. But while he’s serving as the elected President, I believe that he should maintain an air of dignity and not appear as a guest on popular entertainment shows, especially ones that blur the lines between comedy and news. Oh, and he also shouldn’t get drunk at state dinners. Bad form.

I mean, seriously, the Prime Minister could probably boost his ratings immensely by making a guest appearance on Top Gear and blowing something up. However, it would also damage his credibility as a statesman. When you’re a powerful person at the level of the PM or POTUS, you remain above reproach.

I just really have a hard time seeing where the indignity happens. The mere act of appearing on a show does not in itself constitute indignity in my eyes. It’s not like Stewart is going to dump Nickelodeon slime all over him or anything or chat about Brad Pitt’s latest movie. TDS is a political show most of the time, and if it’s anything like Stewart’s other interviews with major political players it’ll be respectful and substantive with a few jokes thrown out here and there.

Besides, it’s good for a politician, even El Presidente, to be visible and in a position where he can be asked questions. The appearance of accountability is important, even if true accountability isn’t possible. Town hall meetings are good for that, but for people who can’t attend them, a direct appearance on a show is the next best thing.