Obama's Aunt Will Have to Stay in America

I can’t see the US deporting her now.

She’ll be a terrorist target in Kenya.

Maybe we ought to grant her asylum or something like that.

Obama has a number of relatives in Kenya including Uncles and his Grandmother and are well known to Kenyans and the world and not hiding.

I am not sure why this Aunt would be more of a target than any of the others.

Well they probably will be. They are easy targets and they’ll have good reason to claim asylum in the US.

I agree here with The Flying Dutchman, we also have to consider the changing situation.

If Obama becomes president, all his relatives in Africa will likely become targets for all the pirates and warlords of the area that make money with kidnapping and ransom. I can foresee a quick change on how the immigration office considers her case and the cases of other relatives if they seek protection.

I actually think that as soon as Obama is elected, the state department should make moves to implore his relatives to come to the States and facilitate the move.

An international incident that will make headlines around the world, and occupy the president’s mind in a personal life and death crisis is unthinkable.

I think her biggest threat will be from the relatives themselves! For being a negative story and possibly costing Obama the election.

Good point. I guess we probably shouldn’t vote for him then, to keep those poor innocent people safe.

Weak attempt at humor notwithstanding, most of those innocent are in favor of him becoming president, I think they know the risks and they support him still.

Warlords? Come on, we’re talking about Kenya not Somalia. If you’re worried about general crime, yeah, I think it’s a possibility.

Here’s another way of looking at it. Do you think America is dangerously exposed by having a president who has close relatives in a politically unstable African nation?

What about another question, would they even want to come over to the US?

Kenya had to deal recently with corruption and warlords, currently the country is not so stable due to election violence. So criminals can move around with less worries.

I think it is only a danger for the relatives, not much for the future president or to America. I trust that only if American interests are at stake in Africa or that there is genocide going on that we will see Obama doing something about it.

It will ultimately depend on what they do decide, somehow I have the hunch ( :slight_smile: ) that the aunt wants to stay in America.


No, ethnic strife and corruption, yes.

You’re confusing Kenya with Somalia.

Here’s a quote from an Australian gov’t travel advisory
bolding mine

Not any more than when Iran held 52 hostages. But it sure affect the Carter presidency negatively as he was perceived as a hostage in the white house himself.

Not only that but he’s jumped to Genocide, which tells me that he is now confusing Kenya with Sudan. :confused:

You are missing that Kenya recently had to remove warlords from their territory, not a strong force now, but the unrest happening in neighboring nations and the recent Kenya violence means that the warlords are not too far away as The Flying Dutchman reported.

I am reading what you’re citing, but I see no comments about warlords. Crime, yes; but no warlords. You do know that Kenya has a strong centralized government.


Read again, the genocide remark refers to Africa. The genocide was mentioned to deal with the assumption that just because of family concerns Obama would intervene in Africa; nonsense, only if genocide or American interests in Africa are threatened I expect Obama to intervene.

Therefore, stop worrying about Obama going into Kenya, now, being more active in Darfur…

You do know that they are having election unrest and political gridlock that can turn even more violent?

The strong central government can come back, but right now saying that it is strong is an exaggeration.

It seems that I am wrong. I re-read your comment and you were clearly referring to some future possible genocide in Africa not a genocide in Kenya.

However you are clearly wrong in your Warlord/Kenya comment.

Then it should be easy for you to show me an example of a Kenyan warlord.

I think Obama will not touch most controversial issues that involve Africa due to a fear of Right wing attacks. However, I don’t think Obama is one to shy away from controversial issues.

The Aunt might, however I had a feeling you were talking about any other member of his family