Obama's Aunt an Illegal Immigrant

No seriously, for real.

I think this will definitely have an effect election numbers. The story says they couldn’t tell whether this was a McCain move but… c’mon. This was a McCain move, and (in purely pragmatic terms concerning the election) a good one at that.

I can’t figure out the very last bit where it says this disclosure comes one day after Obama confirmed Onyango was his aunt. Why was anyone asking whether Onyango was his aunt before anything interesting about her was disclosed?

Maybe a source from McCain said to the news outlets “Check out this Onyango woman. She’s Obama’s aunt.” Then let the news outlets do their own digging.


It will get a lot of play on right wing blogs, Drudge and FoxNews. I don’t think it will have a major affect this late in the game. It’s another in a long string of minor distractions which have not made any serious impact on voters.

Maybe I’m just not imaginative enough to connect the dots, but why would this possibly affect someone’s vote? Seems like the type of person who assume this reflects badly on Obama probably wouldn’t really consider voting for him in the first place, no?

Also, I’d say better this than the idea that Obama knew of the family’s current status on American soil and relative poverty, yet ignored it.

One reason is because (it seems, at least, to me) the electorate doesn’t always think about this kind of thing rationally. They think simply by association, by which I mean, this kind of thing could cause a trend towards thoughts of “Obama – Illegal Immigration” which would in turn cause a trend towards not voting for him.

There are, though, some more rational sounding reasons to let this affect one’s vote. Obama’s got an illegal immigrant aunt? He probably even knows about this. So he knowingly helps his family to break immigration law. So he shouldn’t be president.

There is still a very large percentage of undecided voters. This could be significant to some of them.


I love the Fox News headline: “Obama ‘Auntie’ Living in Boston as an … ‘ILLEGAL’”.

They had enough decorum to leave off the exclamation point.

Not all of Obama’s supporters are gah-gah over him. Some are lukewarm, and this could change their minds. A lot of it will hinge on what Obama knew and when he knew it.

Well, that just makes it worse.

Honestly, this is a big deal. Remarkable that it took this long for someone to find this dirt on Obama.

On the other hand, what was he supposed to do, arrest her himself?

Do you think that would have been his only option?

What would the other options have been?

At this point, politically, I think the well is so poisoned, and positions so entrenched, this won’t get traction anyway.

Persuade her that she had to leave or that he’d report her to the INS. He could also have volunteered to help her financially. Given the political aspirations he has had for some time, this should have been done a long time ago.

Assuming, of course, he knew the details of her situation. We don’t know yet that he did.

This does not sound like anything that will sway an undecided to vote for McCain. If an undecided is lukewarm about Obama, and are voting for him, then they are cold about McCain, this news wouldn’t warm them any in my opinion to vote McCain. Not at all really.

I also vote for ‘non-issue’.

I most likley have an illegal half-relative living in a housing project somewhere in the US, also.

If guilt by association were going to work on an undecided voter, it would have worked already and they wouldn’t be undecided. McCain has thrown everything but the kitchen sink at Obama, hoping something will stick. This just feels like one more thing, you know?

Not only that, but Obama’s immigration policy is rock solid. Questioning Obama about his aunt, will only entice his campaign to bring up their own rock solid immigration proposals.


If he knew of her situation, then this isn’t guilt by association. It’s at best a sin of omission.

That only means it’s a non-issue for you. Immigration is a very hot, very emotional topic for a lot of people.

Could be damaging if Obama knew about it. Recall how relevations about Bush’s DUI caused his numbers to drop on the eve of the 2000 election.

Otherwise, I doubt anyone will care that Obama’s half aunt broke the law without his knowledge.

I guess, though the INS apparently knew about her, and she was living in public housing, so it’s not like she was on the lam.

I have the impression, based on nothing in particular, that he has little knowledge or interest in his father’s side of the “family”. Nothing very unusual about that, given the circumstances.

Did it say in the story linked in the OP that the INS knew about her? If so, I missed that.

If that’s true, I’m starting to get a picture of INS caseworkers (do they have “caseworkers?” Well, whatever they are) knowingly expending resources on other cases instead of Onyanga’s, knowing it would be bad to send Onyanga back to a place like Kenya. Does stuff like that happen in the INS?

If Obama’s people had at least a day’s warning (which it seems they did based on the penultimate paragraph of the story) maybe they have had plenty of time to put together a response to this.


Exactly. This is not something even close to the Wright incident, which would have sunk many candidates who didnot deal with it the way Obama did, which is head on. Obama and his campaign can point to his immigration policy and stand next to that.

I’m a little on edge these last 72 hours before the big day, but right now, I’m thinking an act of God would be needed to make people want to jump from Obama to Bush[sup]2[/sup]. The silly antics McCain can pull in these final hours will be overshot by Obama’s 72 hour media blitz.

33.3 Million tuned into his 30 minute speech. That could be intepreted as 33.3million who wanted some reassurance, or 33 million who wanted to reaffirm their stance, either way it most likely succeeded at it’s intended purpose.

McCain’s camp has smelled of fear for a long time…Almost everywhere I turn it’s how the GOP should have done this or that fo rthis campaign…they have been talking about a republican loss this year for more than a month. Consistently looking ahead to 2012.

It’s not good. I’m waiting to hear if there’s further details or comment from the Obama Camp but… no, it’s not “nothing”.

Some of those swing states, Virginia especially, have a fierce immigration debate going on. This could be a sticking point for a lot of people, either turning off Obama-leaners or mobilizing McCain supports who’ll overlook McCain’s immigration history to say “Well, at least HE doesn’t have an illegal living here”.