Obama temporarily leaving the campaign trail

…to be with his seriously ill grandmother.

At least he’s doing it for a very good reason, and not for political grandstanding.

I think this will help him (at least among grandmothers). The more people learn about his background, the better.

ETA, the debate is, will this help or hurt him?

Well, what else is he gonna do? I would have been more impressed if he hadn’t announced it ahead of time, though. I hope she makes it until at least Nov. 5th-- if he wins.

I’m disturbed that this question is even being asked.

Well, he’s cancelling a bunch of events, which is going to leave a lot of people in the lurch, so I don’t think he had much choice but to let everyone know at least a couple of days in advance.

Yeah, me too.

I didn’t make it clear, the question was somewhat asked in the linked article:

I was wondering if others thought that way.

I hope she hangs on long enough to attend his inaugural.

It what sense?

Well, I hope she lives to see his second term…

It’s only because of McCain’s “suspension” of his campaign that anyone would even think to ask it.

I can’t see anyone being enough of a dick to criticize him suspending his campaign over this, unless somebody wants to lambast him over not flying down immediately; if he did that, they’d slam him for leaving events with no main speaker.

Then again, he is running against John McCain, so anything could happen.

Surely, McCain is smart enough (and I do mean “smart enough”, not “possessed of enough integrity”) to avoid touching upon this as any kind of campaign issue (i.e., in any but a perfunctory “I wish her well and our prayers are with her and her family at this unfortunate time” way). He’d be thoroughly lambasted if he tried anything else…

Some things should just remain private and be accepted. To discuss the political implications of visiting a dying loved one is just plain crass to me. It just invites silly inferences.

Neither, and I agree there’s no real argument here. It’s not going to move the needle significantly and it’s nowhere near big enough to change the eventual outcome, which has been clear for weeks.

Best wishes to his family at a painful time.

Not only do I disagree, but I was thoroughly :confused: when I read that in the CNN article.

For christ sake, the woman who raised him is (for lack of a better descriptor) on her death bed. I don’t see this as being something that helps or hurts his campaign – it’s just something that he needs to do, and I certainly hope that most people see it that way. It shouldn’t be something that helps or hurts him, it’s just something that is.

McCain would not be so crass. I think he’s a bad person, but I don’t think he’s an idiot. If anybody is going to be stupid enough to try to make political hay over this, it’s Palin. And I don’t even think she’s that stupid.

This news sucks on several levels. Obama is Obama’s greatest asset on the campaign trial, so for him to miss a couple of days at this point has to hurt. Also, it would be terrible for him to lose his grandmother right before the election.

OTOH, some mouth-breathers are going to be shocked when they see what color his grandmother is. :eek:

To use this, the other campaign doesn’t need to refer to it. Rather, they can take this as an opportunity to increase the volume of their own message without Obama himself being able to answer it at rallies or on the news.


It seems to me fairly obvious that she was sent home from the hospital with hospice care, i.e., sent home to die in her own home. I assumed Senator Obama was told to come to her sooner rather than later, because it was unsure how long she would last.

Not much effect, I think. His personal appearances aren’t that important anymore, they were much more important before people had a chance to figure out who he was. Now, I figure the greatest portion of that is over, and the deciding part doesn’t require more of the same input, he’s not likely to drop a game-changer bomb when he’s winning.

And the McCainanites can’t get too agressive, one, it wouldn’t look good, and two, they don’t have the money. The clock runs, nothing changes much, good for Obama. Much bigger risk in not going, being seen as cravenly ambitious, callously ignoring his dying granny.

Obama going to his dying grandmother’s bed will only be seen in a positive light by most–after all, isn’t that what most of us would also do in the same situation?