McCain campaign slams Obama's visit to his grandmother

Holy cow. On MSNBC today, in an interview with David Shuster, McCain spokesturd Brad Blakeman blasted Obama in response to a question about the RNC’s $150,000 shopping spree for Sarah Palin.

I paraphrase:

If you want to talk about spending money, how 'bout Barack Obama taking a 767 to Hawaii to visit his sick grandmother? All the fuel and expense that’ll be. Why doesn’t he just take a commercial flight if he needs to take a break and go to Hawaii? How do you think his contributors feel, paying for him to go on a trip to Hawaii?You know, it occured to me to wonder, when I first heard about Obama’s gravely ill grandmother — how would the Republicans repackage it into a campaign slur? And to be honest, I couldn’t think of anything.

It never dawned on me that they might just jump right in, dismiss the old bitch as unimportant, and tie it all in with a frivolous mega-buy from America’s priciest clothing stores.

Damn. You know, the really sick thing right now is John McCain’s campaign. It is easy to imagine his staff sitirring up batches of Soylent Green in cauldron’s while they cackle and stab at each other with their prehensile penises.

I’m not even going to get into explaining to the truly retarded why a commercial flight is problematic for a presidential candidate travelling with his security and staff. Nor will I deal with the obvious fact that Obama’s supporters — by the very meaning of the word “support” — would have absolutely no problem with him visiting his ailing grandmother who raised him. Honestly, I’d have been disappointed if he had not decided to go.

Anyway, I’m almost exhausted fighting these fucking Troglodytes. I can’t imagine how Obama’s campaign staff must feel. McCain and his enablers can’t be extinguished soon enough, as far as I’m concerned. It’s time to bury these shitheads. If you do support Obama, please don’t fail to vote.

He’ll try about anything at this point, won’t he? I’m guessing as far as he’s concerned, he can only go up from here.

Thanks for the mental picture.

Too much information.

More than I needed to know.

What? You’ve never seen a Skull & Bones initiation?

For 5 years McCain couldn’t vis…ah, you know.

This made me think of the flick “The Arrival”. Fold back knees and shit.

Super fantasy response:

“As soon as I’ve tended to the needs of my family I’ll be sure to take a direct flight to the McCain campaign headquarters as it’s my intention to attempt a visit to all terminally ill entities that I’m involved with. It’s my hope that Senator McCain’s campaign can just hold on a few more days so that I can also pay it some last respects.”

I wondered why Obama didn’t just do a little campaigning in Hawaii?

I hope this ends up on youtube soon.

…what would be the point? He’s winning by 41% in HI.

He’s too busy to waste his time in a blue state.

You know what? I’ll campaign there for him. I’ll try to round up some constituents on the beaches.

Having his grandmother die in Hawaii is just a cheap campaign trick.

Why do Republicans hate the sick and the elderly?

They don’t. They LOVE McCain.

Somebody will probably apologize for this in a couple of hours. Not that that makes it any less moronic.

Don’t worry Lib. No one give’s a shit.

October surprise!

McCain had to charter a helicopter from Pennsylvania to make it to the David Letterman show on time.

Ho! Ha ha! Guard! Turn! Parry! Dodge! Spin! Ha! Thrust!

Why would anybody say something so mean-spirited on national TV?

Is anyone in that campaign thinking at all?

I guess he’s striving for the equivalence the media types all love so much…but surely somebody with a wit of sense knows that slamming someone for visiting an ailing relative only serves to make you look like a mean SOB and thus shouldn’t be touched with a 10 foot pole.

Does he think that there are some undecided voters out there who are now going to vote for McCain because Obama is visiting a sick relative in the most efficient but also most costly manner?

I, for one, blame FOX News. It has been the standard bearer of “Right Wing World”. A place where everything a Republican does is good and a Democrat bad for no other reason than political affiliation. The right wing cabal has only been listening to itself for so long they appear to believe that most Americans think what they think. When they come out in the open and say the stuff that gets applauded on FOX and the equivalent print/blog world to regular people, they make things worse because it sounds so horrible. So far, they don’t appear to be able to figure out why they are being given such a hard time. Instead of evaluating the situation and realizing that they’ve been playing on a tilted field for so long that they’ve lost touch with level, they’re blaming everything else.

'Cause they sop up tax money via Medicare?